invalid borders

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„invalid borders“ // Installation // wooden sticks, manipulated rotating washingmachine motor // ca. 230x 350cm // 2018

This Installation was part of the soloshow „pure simulation“ at Galerie Bridget Stern, Hamburg Germany // 2018. It shows a constantly changing room in its borders, dimensions and appereance.
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Dimensions : 230 cm x 190 cm x 350 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 12 kg
Year : 2018
Material : Wood, Metal, Others, Mixed Media

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oil on canvas II
Link to video: http://heidundgriess.de/ausstellungen/oel-auf-leinwand-ii-oil-on-canvas-ii/ This Installation was part of a soloshow at Galerie Bridget Stern, Hamburg Germany, 2018. It is reference to traditional, historical Art techniques, but in this case it is made with several water pumps behind the canvas, which constantly pump waste oil over the canvas, which flew over the surface in waves. It is questioning our approach on natural ressources and the traditions and expectations towards art exhibitions. //
heidundgriess, Installation, Light
This Installation was part of a soloshow at Galerie Bridget Stern, Hamburg Germany, 2018
heidundgriess, Wood, Plastics
This work was part of a soloshow during an artist residency at Pinea Linea de costa in Rota / Spain. It is a partly coloured column made of wire mesh, that changes its visibility depending on the point of view.
heidundgriess, Metal, Textile
pool // access point
As part of the action "access point", attention was drawn to the inaccessibility of water for the public in Hamburg, which accounts 1/3 of the city area but is not available for the public. The pool is a painted wooden frame, that represents a silhouette of a public swimming pool.
heidundgriess, Wood, Plastics
Link to video: http://heidundgriess.de/ausstellungen/swarm-videos/ This installation was made during an artist residency in Siglufjördur / Iceland in 2015. It shall invite the observer to reflect on the topic of the worldwide problem of overfishing our seas. 1000 cutley knives are attached to fishing lines, hanging in a wooden frame in the shape of an oversea container. This project will be rebuild with durable materials in spring 2020. Link to video: http://heidundgriess.de/ausstellungen/swarm-videos/
heidundgriess, Wood, Metal
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