Nicolet Boots

Skate boarding

Using a pose from skate boarding, this female figurine shows in her body language, a different side of being human


Dimensions : 32 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 1 kg
Year : 2013
Material : Plaster, Textile, Wood
Technique : Molding
Style : modern, figurative

Nicolet Boots

For me the ideal artwork is something to fall in love with. It should be strangely, strongly self-evident in an organic way, meaning this artwork is the only way it could be, the only way it could be made. It has power like a sacred object, something you want to return to again and again. Every time you look at the artwork it gives you something to take with you.

I wrote down a few rules for myself, to read when in the studio, making art, as a reminder for where I want the artwork to go. (It doesn’t mean I achieve this every day, but it is something I aim for ;-)

- Making art should feel like rock-and-roll

- is about now

- Minimalistic, without losing the poetry

- Make the art you need

- Expand beauty

also interesting:

A woman figure (made from porcelain-like plaster, and colored with pigments) trying to give a modern answer to the classic Venus.
Nicolet Boots, Plaster
Bird Lady
Seen from a low perspective, this woman figure shows herself in a confident pose.
Nicolet Boots, Plaster, Textile
'Resilience' from the series 'Nomadic Vases'. Nomadic Vases is a series of work, made by the artist to investigate the basic assumptions of a vase. Formed by hand, deliberately made not being able to hold anything, these vases still represent the shape of a vase. Each is made to represent a mood, to reflect upon.
Nicolet Boots, Plaster, Paper
Stay True
'Stay True' from the series 'Nomadic Vases'
Nicolet Boots, Plaster
Wichtigkeit der Leichtigkeit
An almost life size sculpture, a woman figure, holding herself up in an almost impossible balance, fixated on a stand on wheels, she shows a very human condition of fragility and courage at the same time.
Nicolet Boots, Plaster
'journal cups'
An installation of 30 small cups. The cups' first layer is papier-mache, made from the pages of the personal diaries of the artist. Layers of porcelain-like plaster and beeswax do not totally cover up the writing, but let it shine through. The artist personal feelings are not important, our shared universal feelings as human being are center piece in this installation. '30 Cups' is to be seen as the pages of a journal, every day we drink our cup.
Nicolet Boots, Paper, Plaster
as part of the 'Nomadic Vases' series, these archaic shaped vases show the strongest bond of all, love.
Nicolet Boots, Concrete more...
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