Part I - Sculpture by the Sea - Bondi Beach 2017

David Handley is the kind of person who likes to spoil people. A gracious man following his vision. His vision is sculpture by the sea – a one of a kind sculpture exhibition of epic proportions.
With a few hundred Dollar in his pocket and a bold idea he started 21 years ago on his mission to bring sculpture to the people. The kind of exhibition unkown to the world with the aim to give everyone access to this wonderful art form. With no barriers, free of charge and open to the public, sculpture by the sea has grown into the largest temporary sculpture festival in the world drawing crowds by the hundred thousand.

Stephan Marr, Under one sky

If you don’t know sculpture by the sea yet you will ask yourself “What is it?”. In short, when Founding Director David Handley was 30 years old he had this idea of creating a free to the public art event. He surely didn’t have in mind what would become of it more than 20 years later. The first sculpture by the sea was just a tiny event over the weekend. Most people where asking, “What was that?”, but David’s persistency gave the answer and now sculpture by the sea is widely known around the world and surely everyone in Australia now knows.

We get to meet him for the first time in person at Tamarana Beach with the big wide ocean just behind. Monumental sculpture presented in this amazing and spectacular scenery. Windy weather and a whale just out in the ocean are the setting for our first tour of sculpture by the sea around Bondi Beach. What a magnificent sight that you must experience yourself!

James Dive, What a tasty looking burger

We at sculpture network are especially proud that seven of our members (Karl Chilcott, Matthew Harding, Isabela Lleo Castells, Peter Lundberg, Keld Moseholm, Jörg Plickart, Angelika Summa) were exhibiting at the other end of the world.

This article is the start of a series on our experiences made in Australia – find out more in our next newsletter!

sculpture by the sea Cottsloe Exhibition: 2 - 19 March 2018
The call for the 2018 Bondi exhibition is now open for applications. You can find it in our Opportunity Database (member section)!

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