sculpture network in transition

Since its founding in 2004 by Ralf Kirberg and Hartmut Stielow, the board of directors of sculpture network has been able to rely on a team of highly committed employees.

In addition to this, there are employees financed by external funding and a number of volunteers and members who have developed and brought to life sculpture network in all its forms. For its members, for the artists, art lovers, museums, galleries and institutions from the art sector.

Unfortunately, due to the loss of a substantial portion of the previous financial support and thus insufficient financial resources, the association is now forced to either initiate a far-reaching restructuring process with the formal initiation of a liquidation or to finally dissolve the association after settlement of all third-party payment claims.

But that does not have to be ...

A committed group of artists from the circle of members is already working on a new concept. If this leads to a solid plan by the beginning of 2021, a general meeting, which will then be convened again, can decide on the necessary steps for a new beginning with a new board of directors. For this reason, until this decision is made, the association will continue to try to fill the multi-faceted website, which is highly valued and used by its members and numerous interested parties, with life to a lesser extent.

Although the office is not occupied for the time being, any message, suggestion or contact via is very welcome.

Please use the information provided under "Facts and Figures", in particular the annual reports of previous years. They also show the diversity of sculpture network.

"Stand up for sculpture" is no less valid today than in the past 16 years!

Helmut Pütz - Liquidator/Transition Manager
(Member since 2011, Board member since 2014-17)

Berlin/Munich October 2020

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