Dagmar Vogt: Headstand

With 'Headstand' Dagmar Vogt has turned her perspective upside down. Her contribution to #perspectivematters thus takes on a completely different perspective.

This artwork is part of our campaign "Perspective matters". With start'19 in mind, we asked artists what they saw in the apostrophe from our event logo – or if it even is an apostrophe in their eyes. The responses to this call for entries revealed a multitude of perspectives that we want to share with our readers. More information about the campaign can be found HERE


Dagmar Vogt, Kopfstand, vorher
Dagmar Vogt, Headstand - "before", plaster, 40 x 220 x 30 cm
Dagmar Vogt has turned her perspective upside down. "'Apostrophus' comes from Greek and means 'turned away'. My figure Headstand also turns away completely and thereby gains a new perspective ... The apostrophe is a sign for something left out, an interruption. Headstand also stands for an interruption of normal views and for another form of seeing", she says about her life-size bronze sculpture. What do you see in it?


Dagmar Vogt, Kopfstand, nachher
Dagmar Vogt, Headstand - "after", Bronze, 40 x 220 x 30 cm


Are you inspired by this perspective? Don’t hesitate to show your own, then! To get you started we have prepared a craft template – download it HERE. As part of our campaign, we want to encourage everyone to look at their own perspective and maybe re-think it. While making such a small sculpture, you have the best opportunity to turn both things around: the paper sculpture and your own perspective ... we're curious to see what comes out of it! Show us your results with the hashtag #checkyourperspective

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