For Friends of sculpture network

 "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" - Pablo Picasso


Stand up for sculpture!

Art needs sponsors! Those who love art will be aware of this. Three-dimensional art, especially, has no easy place in our image-heavy but haptically poor society and requires our particular support. That’s why we need you as a sponsoring member of sculpture network!


sculpture network's mission. Photo: Christine Chilcott
sculpture network Forum, Belgium 2016. Photo: Christine Chilcott


We open doors to personal experiences!

As an art friend you become part of sculpture network and part of a global community that is united by the love of three-dimensional art. With your sponsoring membership you contribute to spreading the word about three-dimensional art and making it more visible. You are connected with like-minded people and artists with whom you can establish direct contact via our platform. You are right at the heart of the debate on contemporary sculpture and play an active role in the discourse.


Your exclusive benefits

Your contribution helps us to continue sculpture network's path to success so that it remains the living platform it is today. As a thank-you you enjoy the following benefits:

  • You have the opportunity to take part in exclusive art trips of sculpture network service GmbH - at a 20% preferential price
  • You receive a 20% discount on fee-based events from sculpture network
  • You are the first to know about new travel and event offers, and we give priority to your booking if the number of participants is limited.
  • You receive free entry and free tickets exclusively from our selected cooperation partners
  • You have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experience aesthetic enrichment through direct contact with artists and other members of the sculpture scene.

Your sponsorship contribution

Annual membership fee: 150,- EUR

With your membership fee you contribute to the realization of various projects in the name of three-dimensional art. Among other things, it enables us to expand our website, the heart of sculpture network. Large events such as start and new formats such as the sculpture network Lab, which was launched in 2018, are also only possible thanks to the generous support of the friends of sculpture network. Through these and many other publicity measures, we create attention for three-dimensional art – with your help.


Become part of the network and help us to preserve three-dimensional art as a cultural asset and to raise awareness for this art form among the public!


Photo credit: Experience Bilbao, 2018. Photo: Timian Hopf.

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