start will now become the Midsummer Sculpture Festival

For the 11th time, Sculpture Network invites you to the International Festival of Contemporary Sculpture. On the 20th of June, 2020, we will celebrate our common passion for three-dimensional art with you and over 5,000 sculpture fans around the world. Join us and represent your region!

The feedback we have received from start' in recent years has shown time and again that you stand behind our format and want to shape it with us. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to join us in the last years. As we have had to miss out on many sculpture parks and gardens, as well as, unheated studios and other places due to their being closed, inaccessible, or inhospitable in winter, we have now turned our event into a festival that will take place in the warmth and light of summer and allow for these hosts to be included.

Studios, sculpture parks, open-air exhibitions, museums, towns, curators, workshops, backyards, art foundries, galleries, museum gardens and anyone else who wants to share their enthusiasm for sculpture - you are all invited to participate in your very own way! Share your passion in a workshop, show your three-dimensional collection in guided tours, let us look over your shoulder, stage the play of light and shadow, open your studio for art enthusiasts, or raise a glass with us and give a toast in your gallery. From early morning on into the night, indoors and outdoors, we want to give the sculpture your space.

On the 20th of June, you will be connected live with all of the other hosts and participants from all over the world via our photo wall. Everyone can upload and share their impressions directly. In this way, the diversity of three-dimensional art can be experienced worldwide.


27 January 2019:
5.000 participants - 75 venues -
21 countries





28 January 2018:
5.500 participants - 95 venues -
21 countries

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