Sculpt the world with us at start'18 on the 28 January 2018

start'18 – the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture was breaking all our past records: The event was taking place at over 90 venues in more than 20 countries. All the participants celebrated three-dimensional art simultaneously and around the world at their favourite personal location. On Sunday, 28 January 2018 starting at 11.00 a.m. they took part in a local event and interacted with an international community at the same time. They exchanged views, made valuable contacts and celebrated three-dimensional art in all its facets together with artists, friends of the arts, curators, critics, collectors, gallery owners, architects and other experts.

5.500 participants - 95 venues - 21 countries virtually connected

Click on the map and discover all the venues: studios, galleries, museums, sculpture parks, foundries and art academies, etc. Each of these venues had its own program based on the theme “Sculpture and Architecture”. All participants were part of a worldwide virtual network and shared their locally gained impressions live on the photo wall with the other venues. The photos, videos and comments, which were posted with the hashtag #start18 on Twitter or Instagram, were seen by all the participants in real-time. Join us next year and save the date: start'19 will take place on Sunday, 27 January 2019.

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Sculpture and Architecture

What is three-dimensional art? What is architecture? How are they related? - start'18 emphasized art and its environment as space creating forces. We explored all the facets of these two fascinating subjects, contemplated what they mean and had exciting discussions.

from the picture to the sculpture

Savoir vivre - something that artist Stefan Szczesny truly understands.  His positive attitude to life is reflected in his art in which his motto is: The more color the better. But how did he manage to be so successful with his artworks? And how did he end up being a host at start'18? We asked him!

‘Trunk Show’

Jozek Nowak, a native of Poland, usually creates his famous wooden figures in quiet solitude. At start´18 the public could watch him work in real life. In the interview Nowak explains why he likes so much working with wood and what is so interesting in sculpting people from every day life.


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