This work encompasses some of the different forms of natural matter that are produced by the earth and transformed through human intervention in the name of progression. The moulds for these works were cast from handmade casts of rock faces, natural forms of coastline, plant root systems and other industrial inspired shapes. Cross sections from these moulds are used once, twice, three times to create different outcomes of the same mother mould. The materials used in this collection originate from the earth. The different elements, methods and formed lines highlight the life cycle of naturally occurring materials on their journey to becoming part of the industrial world in which we inhabit.

Sculptor Harley Fry has an extensive background in concrete design and metal fabrication. This inspires Harley to challenge the possibilities of these two mediums. Having delivered a number of functional and sculptural works throughout Western Australia before relocating to the East Coast, Harley is interested in exploring the relationship between the natural and the industrial realms through the combination of a greener earth friendly concrete and steel.

Artworks (6)

Harley, 2021

The Kinks 01

Harley, 2020

The Kinks 02

Harley, 2019


Harley, 2019


Harley, 2019


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