sculpture network's new Board

The new decade also brings many changes, fresh wind and new faces for sculpture network. In order to meet the people behind the articles, information and events, we would like to introduce ourselves over the next three months.

We will begin with the board that has come together in a new constellation in January 2020. Ralf Kirberg, co-founder of the association and long-standing chairman of the board, has retired from active business. Together with Hartmut Stielow he has founded the Curatorial Board, which will support the network with advice and experience. A five-member team of old and new faces has now set itself the task of leading the association into the golden 20s.

To get to know our board members better, we asked them three questions:

What do you particularly appreciate about one another?
What do people need to know about you?
Which item from your household do you associate with sculpture network?

Because the members of our board are versatile and exciting individuals – just like all persons, who make up this association – , they have answered our questions in a very diverse way and have interpreted them freely - which makes reading them even more exciting!


Cornelia Hammans

2. Vorstandsvorsitzende
(Member Care und Redaktion)

Cornelia is a colleague to learn from. It’s a different background that formed her. Influences from history, from time and from space formed her. She speaks another language but I try to read her through her sculptures. She opens up, an even though she's focused on her work process she creates space to share with others. (Yke Prins)






When our founder Ralf Kirberg asked me if I would like to join our network, I was sitting in my car and I was going really fast. So I got off the gas and listened first. After a long phone call, he had won me over for the association.

It was immediately clear to me that the voluntary work at sculpture network is interesting for me, because it is directly related to my own work - as a sculptor, you are usually a lonely person. But because of my longstanding experience in art and my business background, I am able to contribute and pass on a lot.

In the new formation of our board, I will be responsible for our members. This means that I need your active participation to recruit new members and your input to keep the sculpture network interesting for all of you. Please use every opportunity to talk about our network. It is worth it.

What reminds me of sculpture network in my daily routine, are the stacks of work that lie on my desk - the highest stack is entitled "Board ". Then there is also my collection of ideas and articles that I have formulated for various occasions. All this is fun. Especially when I receive your feedback.


Isabelle Henn

Mitglied des Vorstandes

For me, Isabelle is a personality with a strong character, who can analyse and explain topics in a very precise way. Additionally, she is the living archive of our association. What I particularly appreciate about her, however, is the way she is devoted to the rest of us. A wonderful person and friend. (Cornelia Hammans)

Isabelle is an economist. She has studied in Munich, Regensburg and San Sebastian/Spain and has been actively involved in building sculpture network since 2006. For many years, she has been managing director of the association and has been a member of the board since 2014.  Not least her longstanding experience with foundations and in building up non-profit organisations makes her highly valuable to us.





For me, sculpture network is like this bouquet of wildflowers on our terrace – colourful, diverse, stimulating, refreshing. One would like to have more of them. And for that you have to go outside and search. That takes strength and endurance, but it's worth it!



Yke Prins

Mitglied des Vorstandes
(Veranstaltungen und Koordinatoren)

Yke is an artist, a sculptor, who combines art with business sense in a wonderful, happy and open-minded way. This is a great gift for sculpture network. (Sabine Schaedle)





Board member SN since 2019
Born in Delft in 1961 (NL), studied at the Royal Akademie in The Hague (sculpture) and École Superieure d’Art Visuel Geneva (Perfectionnement, sculpture)

Sculpture is my passion. I like to work on a monumental scale. I like to present my work outside and to find a connection to landscape and nature. Sculpture is a slow process. I studied in The Hague and Geneva. I have lived in Scotland, but had to find contacts for my work after I graduated. In The Netherlands, I have been chairman of Pulchri Studio, an artist association with 1000 members and a monumental building with seven galleries. I have learned about art management and how to see opportunities in connecting with places and people. But for my own work, I had to open new doors to find sculpture gardens throughout Europe. The first excursion that I attended with sculpture network in Spain was a rich experience. I met three owners of sculpture gardens and I still work with them up until today. My work is shown in Spain, UK and Germany. In 2019, I became a board member of sculpture network, because I had deep and magnificent experiences with this organisation. This concerned not only finding places to work and exhibit, but also meeting people and visiting places I would never have been able to visit myself. I participated in the local Dialogues, in many trips and excursions that sculpture network has organized as well as the International Forum. Just to sketch the shared passion: with 220 people, we visited the Eduardo Chilida gardens and house (Forum 2011) and were invited by his son, who opened the garden for us. It was a deep experience for many of us! I visited the Gormley studios in London, the ateliers of Tomas Saraceno in Berlin, private collections in Spain, Belgium and Germany. Doors opened and I was able to share my hunger and passion to see and learn with other artists, art lovers, gallerists and curators. I think this is so unique! To grow and find interesting sparring partners, discuss content in three-dimensional  art and meet inspiring people from whom I can learn. It is great to get out of my daily struggle in my atelier and find places to connect and share my passion. When I was asked to join the board, I did not hesitate but wanted this unique organization to continue its work. I had missed the Forum during the past years and really wanted sculpture network to continue this tradition. In November 2020, there will be a Forum in Malaga. I hope that many sculpture network members will meet and share and celebrate the sculpture traditions and three-dimensional art as it is developing today!



For me, my fluffy keychain with a ring saying Carpe Diem symbolizes sculpture network. Our network stands for being able to go inside spaces, ateliers, intimate workspaces….and people that open up, opportunities, warmth. I always wanted to know what is behind a museum exhibition, a private collection, an artist’s work. Pure curiosity and I am always looking through the keyhole. With SN, as non-profit organization, is the key to institutions, museums, galleries, ateliers. They open up and I can go in! Carpe Diem!


Sabine Schaedle

Mitglied des Vorstands
(Finanzen und Personal)

It is a great pleasure to work with Sabine, as she combines expertise with reliability and has esprit and creativity. It is nice to have her on the board of sculpture network. (Otto Vogel)




Board member of sculpture network since 2019. Sabine Schaedle looks back on a 30-year career with the BMW Group in a wide variety of national, international and managerial positions. She was a founding member of the Women's Advisory Board of HVB and is involved in various organisations such as Salon 21 e.V. Prien and Zonta Club München City e.V.


I have been fascinated by the possibilities of sculptural design ever since I was young and especially associate them with the fountain that Ewald Mataré designed for my hometown. The Mataré Fountain, which is located near the town hall, was inaugurated in 1967 and has been a popular attraction of Hagen’s city center ever since. With its gargoyles, the fountain symbolises the four rivers Volme, Ennepe, Ruhr and Lenne that surround Hagen.

Otto Vogel


With Otto Vogel we have been able to win an experienced manager and an art enthusiast to develop sculpture network. I am very happy about that and I am very much looking forward to working with him. (Isabelle Henn)



Age: 59, married, one child, longstanding managing director in medium-sized companies
For me, art, and especially three-dimensional art, is a combination of insight, knowledge, realisation and enjoyment.






I liked this sculpture by artist Gabriele Hanner at first sight and so I purchased it for my office. It accompanied me for over 10 years now and has made three-dimensional art an integral part of my everyday life, also in my work as managing director of a commercial enterprise.


Thank you for your honest answers!

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