Wouter Mulier

Realizing a sculpture gives me the feeling of making a statement, reaching a landmark in space and time. In the vagueness of life I try to create, for myself and for the spectator a moment of condensation, of crystallization of reality.
The design of my work is not rationally 'thought' but emerges directly out of the manipulation of the materials. Folding, bending, making torsions, binding... all these actions stay visible in the result and enhance the suggestion of dynamics and action. The sculptures have an open and extravert character. Fan-shaped wise they breathe and move in space.
My formal language is abstract, but keeps strong references to figuration. The reality is not painstakingly depicted but suggested. Another important aspect of my work is monumentality. This is reached not by its size but by its precise relation between the different parts.
I regularly realize commissions for public space. Interaction with the public is an important goal here. Working within well-defined outlines is a challenge I love. It stimulates me to try out other possibilities and to discover new horizons.

1983-88 -Higher Education in Fine Arts – St-Lukas,Brussels.(Sculpture)
-Student at the Willem de Kooning Academy, ( Nl.) (Conceptual thinking and designing in context)
Since 1990: sculpture teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts ‘de Lei’, Leuven
2011 - Selected for work-shop en congres ‘Technologies of drawing’ Universiteit Huddersfield (U.K.)


2005 - Winner of the sculpture contest for OCMW. at Tervuren
- Second prize of the sculpture contest rotonde at Bertem
2001 - Laureate Contest Lode Verhaeghen for sculpture, Leuven
1987 - Laureate Higher Education in Fine Arts –Brussels,sculpture
- Prize for the discipline of sculpture by the association ‘Gulden Sporen’ at


2021 – Commission business gifts for city of Leuven
2018 - Commission of a monumental sculpture by ‘De Victorie’ Linden
2015 - Commission of a monumental sculpture by ESAT, KU Leuven
2011 - Commission awards by IMEC
2010 - Commission of a monumental sculpture by NAC, Herent
2008 - Commission of a monumental sculpture by IMEC, Leuven
- Commission award by IPRA Global Conference, Leuven
2007 - Commission of a monumental sculpture by Aannemingen Janssen, Geel
2006 - Commission of a monumental sculpture by Bedrijvencentrum Leuven
2005 - Commission of a monumental sculpture by OCMW Tervuren
2004 - Commission of the award “Nationale Onderhandelingswedstrijd 2004”
Utrecht,(Nl.) (also in 2005,2006 )
2003 - Commission of the awards for the contest of steel construction
Luxemburg, Brussels,(ARCELOR) (also in 2004,2005 )
2002 - Monumental sculpture commissioned by the company Isolair,Genk
2001 - Acquisition of the sculpture ‘Abundance’ by the bank Dexia, Brussels
1999 - Park sculpture commissioned by the city of Leuven
1995 - Monumental wallrelief,commissioned by the Psychiatric Center


2021 - Participation group exhibition ‘Unmute’ Leuven
2019 - Relindis art Gallery & other,group exhibition 'Villa Global'Veltem-Beisem
2018 - Participation group exhibition ‘Apertum’ In situ & Land Art Brussels
2015 - Participation ‘3D sense experience’ Anderlecht
2014 - Participation ‘Zomersculpturen’ Blankenberge
2013 - Participation ‘Confrontaties’ De Haan
- Groepstentoonstelling ‘Teken. EN’ Leuven
2012 - Deelname aan expo ‘Chart’ Kortenberg
- Groepstentoonstelling ‘Sample’ Leuven
2011 - Expo ‘Fusion’ Kulturama, Predikherenkerk Leuven
-Deelname aan ‘Kunstroute’ Leuven
2010 - Expo WITH_wit, Kulturama, kapel van de Romaanse poort, Leuven
2007 - Groepstentoonstelling Galerie 15 A Lochem (NL.)
- Deelname Kunsttour Leuven
2006 - ‘Beelden in Gees’ ,Gees (NL.) (catalogue)
- ‘Beelden op den Ijzerenberg’ Winksele (catalogue)
2005 - ‘Meditations’ by MulierMulier,Knokke-Zoute
- ‘Sculptour 2005’ Gallery Beukenhof,Kluisbergen (catalogue)
2004 - ‘Tuin in Beeld’,castle Leyselebeke,St.-Michiels-Brugge (catalogue)
- ‘Sculptures in Auxiliatrix’ Venlo,(NL.) (catalogue)
2003 - ‘Beelden op den Ijzerenberg’ ,Wilsele (catalogue)
- ‘Sculpture 2003’ Sint-Joost-ten-Noode (catalogue)
2001 - ‘A(rt)ssenede 2001’ (catalogue)
2000 - ‘Labyrint’ Zwijndrecht-Burcht ,curator Stef Van Bellingen (catalogue)
- ‘Kunst voor kunst’ in de oude abdij te Drongen , curator Filip Van de Velde
catalogue: MOVING SPACES, WOUTER MULIER sculpturen (2006, with texts from Filip Van de Velde)
Hand of Prometheus
Monumental sculpture in front of the new town-hall of Leuven, granted by IMEC reseach center, symbolising knowledge, inspiration and creativity.
Wouter Mulier, Stahl, Metall
Two stylized hands brought together symbolize the supportive community of this nursing home.
Wouter Mulier, Stahl, Metall
Monumental sculpture in front of the new departement building of ESAT, university of Leuven, symbolising the power of elektricity as a force of nature.
Wouter Mulier, Stahl, Beton
Monumental sculpture in front of the new town-hall of Herent symbolising the power of coöperation.
Wouter Mulier, Stahl, Metall
'New dynamics'
Sculpture symbolising the dynamics of emerging companies.
Wouter Mulier, Stahl
Bachus and Ariadne
Bachus the god of wine with his love Ariadne. The sculpture was commissioned to figure in the centre of an old farm (restaurant) next to a castle and wine domaine near Leuven.
Wouter Mulier, Metall, Stahl
Placed upon an old watersource deep underneath, it symbolizes the power of water, the source of life.
Wouter Mulier, Stahl, Metall
Godess symbolizing the earth.
Wouter Mulier, Stahl, Metall

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