Peter Josef Maria Schneider

Nowadays, the illusion of a technical and cultural framework, that makes us independent from nature, is questioned by the change of climate and by pandemics. As an artist, I feel responsible for bringing to consciousness the gap between the artificial nutshell of culture and the big organism “nature” that we are a part of. So my artistic vision of integration into nature hopefully will set an impulse for others.
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Peter Josef Maria Schneider, born 1958, lives in Germany and has his studio in the Netherlands.

His work includes site-specific art, nature art, installations, photography, mixed media and other. He studied educational sciences, with a focus on the arts, in Munich, Germany. He then went on to later study speech and language therapy in Aachen, Germany. Already as a child he loved to create objects in nature with the material he found there, and he still hasn’t stopped. His creative sensibilities accompanied him when he was a teacher and a speech and language therapist. His first exhibitions in the 1980s were of aquarelles. At that time, he also played in a puppet theatre. Beginning in the 1990s he seriously occupied himself with nature art. His experiments with organza fabric began in 2006, and by 2008 he had begun his site-specific installations, frequently using organza and other fabrics.

Since 2008 he is a member of “Artikel 5”, a group of five artists who run their own gallery in Aachen, Germany. Peter and the others frequently have their own exhibitions of there. Since 2010 he is a member of AiNIN (Artists in Nature International Network). In addition, he is one of the founders of the group of writers called “termarris”.
Exhibitions and site-specific works


Landart am Zickzackweg”, land art in the woods of Hann-Münden, Germany (2020)
„EARTHBOUND – AIRBORNE“, site-specific installations in the Schacky-Park, Dießen am Ammersee, Germany (2020)
“Raum der Stille”, exhibition in the gallery Artikel 5, Aachen, Germany (2019)
„Sky Burial“, exhibition & site-specific installation in the museum Kopermolen, Vaals, Netherlands (2016)
„Wackelspecktackel” kinetic sculpture in the park „Balance“, Herzogenrath, Germany (2012)
„Perspektive des Lichts“, exhibition & site-specific installation in the hall and the garden of the “Haus Maffay” Aachen, Germany (2010)
„Perspective de Lumière“, exhibition & site-specific installation in the court, the hall and the garden of “Chateau d’Assas”, Le Vigan, France (2010)

“The Wind is My Home”, participation with 4 videosat the Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, South Korea (2020)
Exhibition „Ins Blaue“ in the hall and installation „AugenBlick“ in the roof of the church St. Blasius, Hann-Münden, Germany (2019)
“Augenblick der Stille”, installation in the sculpture garden of Beukenhof, Kluisbergen, Belgium (2014)
“An der Grenze” installation with Petra Ostré at the border between Germany and Belgium, Raeren (2014)
„Die Falle – une main cache l’autre“ installation and exhibition together with BMZgd, Laure Guelle, Petra Ostré, in Deutsch-Französisches Kulturinstitut Aachen, Germany (2013)
“perspective croisée”, exhibition and installation in the roman building Cryptoportique in connection with the 50thanniversary of the German-French reconciliation, Reims, France (2012)
“Bridges”, work in progress with Michael Rodemer, Gallery Artikel 5, Aachen, Germany (2010)
“Schotter Schienen Schwellen”, site-specific installation above the rails and in the station of “Kulturbahnhof Roetgen”, Roetgen, Germany (2009)
„Frühling lässt sein blaues Band, site-specific art in the woods at the Belgian-German border during the Euregionale (2008)

Participatory Projects

“Augen für Europa”, installation and participatory project for young people in the checkpoint building at the German and Belgian border (2020)
„Crisis? What Crisis?“, Aachen, Germany (2015)
„Children’s eARTh“, web-based participatory land art project for young people (2011)

Nature Art

Peter Josef Maria Schneider works in the cultivated nature and the inaccessible wilderness in different countries and landscapes with the material he finds there. Usually only photos of those works are shown.
Raum der Stille, 2019

Ins Blaue, 2019

Augen für Europa, 2020

Fenster zur Natur - Window to the Nature
Einschnitte in die Blätter des Blauglockenbaums (Paulownia tormentosa) Incisions into the leaves of Paulownia tormentosa
Peter Josef Maria Schneider, Naturstoffe
Luftfische - Air-Fishes
Vorübergehende Installation im Schacky-Park, Dießen. Präsentation bei Führungen in Kombination mit dem Vortrag von Musik von Johanna Schmidt und Lyrik von Peter Josef Maria Schneider.
Peter Josef Maria Schneider, Installation, Textil
Himmelsleiter - Jacobs Ladder
Vorübergehende Installation im Schacky-Park, Dießen. Präsentation bei Führungen in Kombination mit dem Vortrag von Musik von Johanna Schmidt und Lyrik von Peter Josef Maria Schneider.
Peter Josef Maria Schneider, Naturstoffe, Installation

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