Denis Defrancesco

Denis Defrancesco is a French artist born on 28 June 1954. He lives and works between Prague, Budapest and Aix-en-Provence.

A Multifaceted Artist
Self-taught, atypical, and iconoclastic, Denis Defrancesco uses a whole range of techniques and materials to give form to his ideas, fantasies, and anxieties.
A great ape in bronze, a giant plexiglass rabbit, a blow-up doll made ofmarble, a plastic Obama, a steel machine for slicing memories, a urinalin oil paint... He keeps giving the world his own twist, transfiguring reality to tell us stories: a childhood fear, a teenage memory, a passionate loveaffair, time fleeting, the body declining, death lurking. It is pop, electric, often bold, and always free.
His work, both carnal and scientific, blends bronze with marble, paint with plexiglass, steel with plastic. He likes nothing more than mixing genres and spurning styles.
Denis Defrancesco is an exalted introvert, an exhibitionist full of modesty, who creates an eclectic, surprising, insolent, and personal body of work with his monumental sculptures, 3-D paintings, and metamorphosisedidols.
A text accompanies each of his sculptures and paintings, like the key to a specific story.
Biennale di Venezia 2017
La Burle - Aix en Provence 2018
Milano NHow 2019
Sculpture Line Prague 2019

French artist Denis Defrancesco creates narrative figurative contemporary art.


Sculpture: Clay on Iron, Wood. Original sculpture on his work table, this sculpture was used to make the mold for my "KingKongballs" in bronze. This sculpture was so beautiful despite the damage caused by the demolding, I decided to consolidate it with resin and keep it. The pieces of asphalt (recovered from a Budapest street under reconstruction) represent our planet in danger. This work is dedicated to our planet and all animals we are destroying.
Denis Defrancesco, Ton, Kunstharz
Le Martinet (The Whip)
Sculpture: Leather, Steel on Marble. The "Martinet" Whip … My Mother’s black look, red streaks on my thighs… The scathing memory of my mischiefs in shorts, a sheaf of lashes to whip out my disobedience… Mummy wasn’t mean ; she was inflexible. … The whip cut short, to start resisting… The little red whip, bare and inoffensive: The powerlessness of the Mother, the revenge of the Son… Man grabbing the handle to take back the Power, like the Male recovering his Virility confiscated by the Female. Might Woman be Man’s dread? The anxiety of castration, this primitive terror… Man dominating Woman to overcome this haunting fear? … Cold sweats and carnal tremors… The Martinet to wander into forbidden ways… Blushing, suffering, moaning with pleasure… 12 lashes for odd rhymes, like 12 syllables for a libertine Alexandrine… The delicious bite of words, the cruel caress of hide against skin… A range of strange kicks and burning pleasures… … The Martinet, brandished like a rod… “I saw him, I blushed, I grew pale at the sight; Trouble rose in my lost soul (…) I felt all my body freeze and burn”… Phaedra, led astray before the Spank, Racine disguised as the Marquis de Sade… Wordplay, naughty play, whip play, wordsmiths at play… … The M of the Martinet dominating the A of Amour… Singular, nasty, crazy, costumed Love… A mask, a bond… The Martinet changing hands. Roles reversed, powers overthrown… The dream of equality between the sexes… The affirmation of Me Too, the Revolution of Not You Either… No doubt the end of a reign and perhaps also the start of a new misunderstanding.
Denis Defrancesco, Stein, Marmor
The Gold Rabbit ( Bronze Limited Edition 1/6)
The Gold Rabbit ... He popped out, just like that, one day, from my hat: sitting still and attentive... One ear more or less tilted depending on the secret that one confides in him and the material in which he is made to appear : A body made of plexiglass, carbon, steel, or aluminium... Why not a Golden Rabbit or a Silver Rabbit ? ...A few sleights of hand... Open your eyes now ! “The Rabbit” can be on a human scale or monumental, its dimensions will measure up with our dreams, whoever we are … ... “God is always doing geometry” wrote Plato. Joy now has a figure, a form, and volumes... Happiness is no longer an abstraction: it has a depth to it and four feet, that one just needs to caress to get a feel of bliss... ...A Rabbit like an ancient offering... A kind of Trojan Rabbit to let you into Wonderland... Soft and sweet... No one must be late when it comes to getting a kick out of life, repeats the Rabbit, at the entrance to the warren... The complicit wink of women, the lustful smile of men... ...The Rabbit at the “Origin of the World”, hidden behind the “Cony” of the Middle Ages... The “Cony” that naughty lads pushed into a metaphor and slid betwixt the thighs of lewd lasses... The “Cony” that lost, over time and at the razor’s edge, its ending in French, along with its last bits of hair... The “Cunt” revealed... ...The Rabbit of the « Garden of Delights »... Bosch’s Paradise within reach... A Rabbit sent down from Heaven … Happiness erected, one day, into a Cathedral... Stained-glass windows, to illuminate it… ...A prayer and a final sleight of hand... A herd of Rabbits coming out of the hat... Happiness multiplied... Rabbits of all sizes, each of them unique, sitting still, and attentive...
Denis Defrancesco, Bronze, Gips

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