Christine Simpson

I’m interested in energy, the energy between beings and nature and the universal

Following on from two decades of artmaking, exhibiting, educating, collaborating, curating and completing postgraduate studies at Sydney’s SCA majoring in Sculpture, Performance and Installation, I have arrived at a practice that has become a facilitation of energy’s processes. Via waves of light, colour, sound and unseen energy, and the subsequent direction of these elements, my artwork manifests as dynamic permeations to impress the sensory and phenomenological experiences of lived existence.
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Christine Simpson has been a practicing sculptor for the past 2 decades and runs an art school in Sydney, Australia.

Tertiary Education

1981 Diploma of Teaching, UTS, Sydney

2011 Master of Studio Arts, Sydney University, Sydney College of the Arts

2014 Master of Fine Arts, Major: Sculpture, Performance and Installation: Sydney University, Sydney College of the Arts
Group Exhibitions

2018 Sculptures in the Garden, Mudgee, NSW

2018 Constant Craving: Desire. Solitude. Acceptance. Preservation, Eramboo Artist Enviroment, Sydney

2018 Earth Areola, FIDEM Canada

2017 Vital Push: Empty Vessel Offering, Regard Gallery, Darlington, Sydney

2017 The Last Camplight, Lake Light Sculpture, Jindabyne

2017 Uluru Meditation with Didgeridoo, FIDEM China

2016 Inter-Discourse: The Architecture of the Senses, Collaboration, NORTH contemporary Art Space, sydney

2015 Singing Light on Water, Audio-visual installation, The Beams Festival, Chippendale, Sydney

2015 Phenomemobilia-Chippendale, collaboration, MOP Gallery, Sydney

2015 The Murmurings of White Trash, North Sydney Art Prize, The Coal Loader, Sydney

2015 Metaphysical 1, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania

2014 Long Days Journey and Metaphysical 1, Verge Awards, Shortlisted Finalist, Verge Gallery, Sydney

2014 The Metaphysical Experience of Being at Sea, Art and About, Sydney City Council

2014 Long Days Journey , UWS Sculpture Award and Exhibition, Sydney

2013 Vibration 16 and Colour by Numbers ,Art in Odd Places, Sydney

2013 Aural Energy Field , HIDDEN Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney

2012 Elemental, Delmar Gallery, Trinity College, Sydney

2012 Antipodean Waves, Glasgow University, Scotland: Fidem XXXII.

2012 Carbon Waves III, SCA, University of Sydney, Laneways: environs Callan Park.

2012 Carbon Waves III, Verge Gallery, Sydney University: SCA Greatest Hits, Sydney

2011 Carbon Waves II, Verge Gallery, Sydney University: Open Call, Sydney

2010 Earth Story, Sydney Opera House, Avant Group, Sydney

2009 Earth Story, Tampere Art Museum, Finland: FidemXXXI

2008 Contemporary Medallic Art from Australia, Medalia Gallery, New York

2007 Mourning Pieces, Warringah Council Water Festival, Sculptural Icon from the Rivers Series: Ripple, Sydney

2008-05 Exploring Dimensions, Song of the Swan ,Taylor Galleries, Sydney

2006-02 Under Six Inches, Defiance Gallery, Sydney,

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Objects of My Desire: Manly, Manly Arts Festival, Sydney

2017 Noise Pagoda: Recent Works on Paper, Manly Arts Festival, Sydney

2010 Rivers, Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Sydney

2007 Hope Pieces for the Murray-Darling Basin, Factory 49, Marrickville, Sydney

2006 Mourning Pieces , Factory 49, Marrickville, Sydney.

2018 FIDEM Ottawa, Canada pg 16

2014 Long Days Journey, Exhibition Notes and Transcript, Kate-Louise Williams

2012, SCA Greatest Hits: Carbon Waves III, Exhibition Critique and Archive, Verge Gallery

2011 Open Call, Exhibition Notes, Meredith Frances Lynch

2009 Fidem XXXI, Tampere, Finland, pg 37

2009 River, Canberra Times November 22nd, Arts Report, Aaron Ridgway

2007 Hope Pieces, Exhibition Notes, Isolde Ira Pozelaite-Davis AM

2006 Mourning Pieces, Exhibition Notes, Isolde Ira Pozelaite-Davis AM
Sydney Dwelling IV
Sydney Dwelling is a statement about the impermanent nature of man-made development and so called progress. It is an awareness that natural forces cannot be smothered by scaffolding and cement, quietly breathing and biding her time.
Christine Simpson, Glas, Holz
Chakra Column
Interested in yoga philosophy and reflecting on the holistic and spiritual nature of our being and the interconnectedness of everything material, immaterial and metaphysical. Here the human body has been transposed into a multi-coloured glass column of chakra luminosity. This work also moves with the air's currents and is constantly in the present moment reflecting the forever changing light. It is a vital thing.
Christine Simpson, Glas, Metall

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