Aurelia van der Burght

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under construction
in the meantime please visit my website

Welcome to visit the presentation of my work from 6.09 - 6.10 '19 in gallery and b&b of De Kunstpraktijk in Veldhoven. Paintings - 2D / 3D, S and XXL - this image is a detail - on paper and canvas, pianokeys in bronze, ceramics and printed artwork.
Openingtimes: thurthday, friday, sunday 13.00 - 17.00 hours ánd each day of the week after an appointment; friday 20 and sunday 22 sept. the gallery is closed.
Even the trees are crying
The installation EVEN THE TREES ARE CRYING by Aurelia van der Burght, initially created out of glass, ceramic elements and steel wire, has emerged following the disastrous world in which we live in, and from which we can’t leave. We are responsible and inevitable part of the catastrophic events that will occur. A process that is brought to an end very slowly, almost without notice, like an incendiary tumor. Aurelia invited Hanne Schillemans – dancer, choreographer – to create a new theatrical reality in her own unique way by blending music and image with her movements. The music is composed by Ralph Timmermans, and he’s been inspired by the installation of Aurelia and the movements of Hanne. The performance of his music is done by musician Rob Cornelissen.
Aurelia van der Burght, Glas, Keramik
Bigger than me
Aurelia van der Burght realized murals in the rooms of De Kunstpraktijk during a work period of two months. The 'murals' are an ode to the beauty and transparency of glass beads that Aurelia makes herself. But also refer to topics such as pollution, hatred / aggression and evil in the world. In the bed & breakfast guestroom ground floor studies on large paper in blue and pink.
Aurelia van der Burght, Installation
A sad history, or is it futurism?
Installation by Aurelia van der Burght soundsculpture i.s.m. Krijn Hendriksen en Hans d'Achard Gruyterfabrieken, 's Hertogenbosch
Aurelia van der Burght, Keramik, Papier

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