Alexandra Bremers

Alexandra Bremers lives and works in The Netherlands.

Xandra likes to theorize about art as much as she likes the practice of making art. She finds the perfect opportunity to combine these in her artistic research. “My installations visualize a thought process and in doing so invite the viewer to engage in that process”, she says. Her research is an ongoing development of questions asked and questions raised as a result of the work she makes and the debate she engages in.
“In art, as always, the big questions that keep coming up are about the essence of art, the nature of the artistic idea and the role of the artist. My research is done from the standpoint of an artist reflecting on philosophical theories and theories on the origin of creativity. "

Xandra is married to Hans Paijmans, a scientist in artificial intelligence. They have two lovely daughters.
Alexandra Bremers (1960)  works in the Netherlands. In 2010 she graduated from the Rietveld Academy. She graduated from the glass department but in her sculptures and installations she uses many different materials like latex rubber, wool or sugar etc.

Her early sculptures are figurative, often made from existing objects . They show a great fragility and appear torn or falling apart. Xandra seeks for all the different ways in which human society deals with ending and decay. By putting the work in different contexts she tells a narrative of death and agression but also one of careful handling and compassion, confronting us in a poetic way with what we generally do not like to acknowledge.

Recently , she shifted her focus to installation work, a means of artistic expression that allows her to visualize a thought process. Her recent work has an overall title "Unrevealedness", containing several separate installations yet in unison they are exploring the elusive moment when a mere, man-made thing transcends itself to become a work of art.

more at:
Sculpture Garden Anningahof Zwolle NL
Missiekapel Heythuysen
Museum Jan van der Togt, Amstelveen, NL. 50 years Glass at Rietveld Academy
Sculpturepark Anningahof Zwolle
Kunst Centret Silkeborg Bad, Denmark
Gorcums Museum, NL
Lola Lik Bijlmer bajes, NL
Greylight Projects NL.
Gorcums Museum, Nl , oct 21 - mar 17 2018
Arizona Glass Alliance, Phoenix AZ, USA 27-2 lecture
AD Gallery Antwerp B, 18 feb - 21 mai 2017
Museum Opsterland , Gorredijk NL 17 july - 25 sept 2016
Bornholm Museum of Art, DK 10 sept - 13 nov 2016
Continuum Gallery, Koenigswinter (D) In the heat of the night, 13 dec 2015- 27 feb 2016
Miet Air Beers, The female Orgasm, sept 2015
WGKunst Amsterdam. Vergankelijkheid 8-24 mei 2015
AAF Maastricht with Galerie Judy Straten, april 3-6 2014
Galerie Beeldentuin Land en Beeld Asperen, seizoen 2014
Kilnformed Glass, Joure. June 7,8,9,14,15 2014
Miet AIR Beers, may 31, june 1,7,8,9 2014
Dutch Society of Sculptors at Kunstkring The Hague, july 1-20
Installatie-weide 'Het Hof'​ Bergen, oct 17- 25.
Musee du Verre Charleroi, sept 13- nov 30
AMC, oct 16 - jan 5 2015 (solo)
Stipendium 10-10-'10 winners'​ exhibition, Epe. nov 15-30
Galerie Judy Straten, Horst
Kunst En Cultuurmanifestatie Peel en Maas
LandArt Diessen
De Aventurijn/Veluws Museum
Kasteel Le Paige, Herentals (B)
Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam
Museum Lommel, Belgium
Van de koele meren des doods Monumental VZW, Bornem Belgie.
Glasnterland Belgie-Nederland, Museum Het glazen huis'​ te Lommel, Belgie
Glasrijk Tubbergen, 2011
"One to Many, Many to One"​, Galerie De Aventurijn, Epe ( duo)
“The Undiscouvered Country and Art”, Galerie Land en Beeld, Asperen
“Neuerwerbungen 2010”, Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding, D
“Doodgewoon”Museum Hilversum, NL
“Jung, Frisch und Frei”, Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding, D
“Glas(s) – Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam 1969-2009” ,GM Den Haag, NL
“GlasHart”, Fort Vuren, NL
"Langer Licht", De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, NL
Westfahlisches Industriemuseum, Petersheim , Duitsland
The Finnish glassmuseum, Riihimaki, Finland
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'The Embarrassment of Beauty', a survey into the changeing view on beauty in art. BA thesis, supervisor Steven ten Theije

Bernadine de Neeve interview 2011
2016 selected EGC 2016 curated exhibition
2015 Winner New Glass Review 36
2014 Winner Stipendium, Fonds Stipendium 10-10-'10
2013 Winner New Glass Review 34
2012 Winner New Glass Review 33
2011 Nominee 2011 Bernadine de Neeve prize
Alpha and Omega. Lou laughs longer.
glass, metal, cremation badge photo: Louis Visseren
Alexandra Bremers, Glas, Stahl
Unrevealedness: Industry of Creativity
Installation in brass, glass, wool, industrial meters etc. photo: Jan Wilms detail. blown glass photo: Dan Foerster
Alexandra Bremers, Bronze, Metall
Unrevealedness: Between Ratio and Reason
Installation at the atomic shelter bunker in Venlo, NL
Alexandra Bremers, Glas, Naturstoffe

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