Søren Schaarup

Artists Statement:

As a sculptor, I am very interested in investigating how fragments and volumes found in nature can be transformed into new, organically inspired, but abstract forms, which can be locked into a sculptural state of eternity in the hard granite.

The organic forms sensed in my everyday life are stored like letters in my internal alphabet
of form and constitute the basis of my sculptural language, the syntax of which rests on basic fundamental sculptural principles given personal expression through a precise definition of the organic volumes that constitute the basic substance in my works.

I aspire in my works to create a room for spatial perception and imagination.

During more than 20 years I have been working with granite sculptures and I have made
more than 80 commissioned works in public places, for compagnies and private clients.
I have participatet in a lot of exhibitions in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Holland, Schweitzerland, France, Ireland and Japan.



Born 1952 in Copenhagen, Denmark

1972 - 76 Education as teacher from University College Sjælland. Art as principal subject.

1976 - 99 Teaching art at schools, education colleges and Danish University of Education

1999 - Professional sculptor


Danish Sculptors Society ( President )
Visual Artists Ireland (VAI)
IAA International Artists Association
Sculpture Network
Sculptors.dk (artists association)
Aurora (artists association)
Working Artstudios of Zealand, Denmark (VAK)
The Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsens Foundation (member of the board)

EXHIBITIONS: (selected)
Sculpturebiennale Dronninglund, Denmark 2018
Albertslund City Hall, Denmark 2017
Palæfløjen, Roskilde, Denmark 2017
Sculpturebiennale, Oelgod, Denmark 2017
Sculpture in Bissee, Germany 2017
Sculpture in Bissee, Germany 2016
Miyazaki Airport Exhibition, Japan 2016
Kunstmaand Ameland, The Netherlands 2015
Sculpturebienale, Oelgod, Denmark 2015
Uddensculpture, Hunnebostrand, Sweden 2015
Sculpturecity Give, Denmark 2015
NordArt, Kunstwerk – Carlshuette, Schleswig, Germany,2014
SculptureFocus 2014, Augustenborg, Denmark 2014
Sculpture Bank Hyldespjaeldet, Albertslund , Denmark,2014
Pakhuset, Nykoebing Sj, Denmark 2014
Aeglageret, Holbaek, Denmark 2014
Sculpture Park, Bornholm,Denmark 2013
E1, Sculpture in Vest, Esbjerg, 2013
Sculpture 13. Sculpturebiennale Oelgod, Denmark 2013
Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris, France 2013
Sculpture Bank, Hyldespjaeldet, Albertslund, Denmark 2013
Sculpture at the Castle, Jaegerspris, Denmark 2013
Augustiana Sculpture Park,Denmark 2013
International Art Festival, Kerteminde, Denmark 2013
Palaefloejen , Roskilde, Denmark 2013
Augustíana Sculpture Park, Denmark 2012
Gjethuset , Frederiksvaerk,Denmark 2012
Aeglageret, Holbaek Art Society, Denmark ,solo exhibition, 2012
Sculpture 2012, Hyldespjaeldet, Albertslund, Denmark 2012
Sculpture im Bissee, Schleswig, Germany,2012
Salon des Nouvelles Réalitées,Paris, France 2012
Sculpture in Context 2011 National Botanic Garden, Dublin, Ireland, 2011
Sculpture Nexoe, Nexoe, Bornholm, Denmark 2011
Farum Culture Center, Farum,Denmark 2011
Marsvinsholm Sculpture Park, Ystad, Sweden, 2011
Ebeltoft Art Society, Jubilee Exhibition, Denmark 2011
Sculpture 11, Oelgod Sculpture Biennale 2011
Jaegerspris Castle Jaegerspris,Denmark solo ,2011
Sculpture Biennale in Kings Garden, Copenhagen, Denmark 2010
Sculptures in Avedoerelejren, Hvidovre, Denmark 2010
Lange's Magazine, Frederikssund Art Society,Denmark 2010
Willumsen's Museum, Frederikssund,Denmark 2009
Skulptur09, Oelgod, Denmark 2009
Summer Exhibition, Masnedoe, Denmark, 2009
Sculpture Biennale in Kings Garden, Copenhage,n Denmark, 2008
Marsvinsholm Sculpture Park, Ystad, Sweden, 2008
Gallery X, Rungsted,Denmark 2008
H. Lundbeck Pharma, Denmark, 2008
Sculpture Biennale, Palaefløjen, Roskilde,Denmark 2007
Widex Art Society , Denmark 2007
Lejre City Hall, Denmark 2004
Roskilde County Hospital Koege, Denmark 2004
Frederiksborg County Administration, Hilleroed, Denmark 2004
Svendborg Town Hall, Denmark 2004
H. Lundbech Pharma, Valby, Denmark 2004,
Skibby Municipality, City Hall, Denmark 2003
The Royal. Danish Garden Society, Frederiksberg, Denmark 2003
The Royal Horticultural Society, Clausholm Castle, Denmark 2003
Public works

Hilleroed Municipality, 2018
Nordex Food A/S, Noerager, 2018
Vridsloese Housing Association, 2018
Skanderborg Municipality, 2017
Lyngby-Taarbaek Municipality,2016
Skagerak Group, Hirtshals, 2015
Slagelse Municipality, Halskov, 2014
Slagelse Municipality, Halskov Library, 2014
Roskilde Municipality, 2014
Avedoere Housing Association, 2014
Saerslev Cemetries, 2013
Tveje Merloese Church, Cemetery, 2012
Foundation of Hornbaek Art Museum, Hornbaek, 2012
Oelgod Foundation, Oelgod Varde Municipality, 2011 (winner of competition)
Roskilde Cemeteries, Eastern Cemetery, 2010
Holbaek Municipality, Mountain Field School, 2010
Housing Department Hyldespjaeldet, Alberton, 2008
H. Lundbeck Pharma, Lumsaas, 2008
Hospice Zealand, Roskilde, 2008
Einar Kornerup Headquarters, Glostrup, (100 year anniversary), 2007
Sonder Brarup Danish School, Schleswig 2007 (winner of competition)
Widex Headquarters, Vaerloese, 2007
Lykketronic A / S, Braarup, 2007
Holbaek Cemeteries, 2007
Book Printers, Venstrebladet, Holbaek (100 year anniversary), 2007
Aagerup Church Aagerup, 2007
Roskilde Cemeteries, Eastern Cemetery, 2006
Gislinge Church, Cemetery, Gislinge, 2006
Tryg, Domicile, Roskilde, 2006
Odsherred Municipality, Nykoebing Swimming Bath, 2006
Hospice Sjælland, Roskilde, 2006
Garnison Church, Copenhagen, (300 year anniversary) 2006
Lejre Municipality, City Hall, 2006
Optoglas, Roervig, 2005
Roskilde Cemeteries, Eastern Cemetery, 2005
Securitas, Glostrup, 2005
Parcel Farm Riding School, Glostrup, 2005
Roskilde Bank, Kalundborg, 2005
Systofte Church, Systofte, 2005
Roskilde Municipality, Community Center Kristian Memorial, 2005
Vallensbaek Municipality, Vallensbaek City Hall, 2005
Broendby Municipality Boligselskab, 2004
Højer Municipality Dyke School, 2004
Fokdal Fountains, Holbaek, 2004
Housing Cooperative the Horse Shoe, Copenhagen, 2004
Bautahøj Training Center, Kulhuse, 2004
Copenhagen Municipality,Green Housing 2004
Faarevejle Golf Hotel, Faarevejle, 2004
Holbaek Municipality, Bjergmark School, 2004
HC Trade Center A / S, Venslev, (100 year anniversary) 2004
Golf Club Roskilde, Roskilde, 2004
Bramsnaes Municipality, Activity Hall, Kr Sonnerup, 2004
Roerby Cemetery, Roerby, 2004
Dental House, St. Merloese, 2004
Vallensbaek Municipality Vallensbaek City Hall, 2002
Denerco Oil A / S, Holte, 2002
Organon A / S, Skovlunde, 2002
Margaret Chapel, Natural Cemetery, Holbaek, 2001
Frederiksberg, Lioba Residential Home, 2001
Holbaek Municipality Nature School, 2001
Holbaek Traning Collage , Knowledge Center, 2001
Digiquant A / S, Roskilde, 2001
Holbaek Municipality, Holbaek Leisure Center, 2000
Bramsnaes Municipality, Kirke Hyllinge School, 2000
Bramsnaes Municipality, Aeblelunden, Kirke Hyllinge, 2000
H. Lundbeck , Headquarters, Valby, 2000
Municipality of Aarhus, Recidential Center of Skaering, 2000
Roskilde Bank, Kr Hyllinge, 1999
Denerco Oil , Hoersholm, 1999
H. Lundbeck , Headquarters, Valby, 1999
Hvidovre Municipality Vigerslev Nursing Homes, 1996
Copenhagen, Kindergarten Vaegtergaarden, 1996
Frederiksberg Municipality, Circle House, 1995
Danish Bank, Nygade, Holbaek, 1993
Asnaes Cemetery, Asnaes, 1992
"Gate of Life"
Granite, Margaret Chapel, Holbæk, Denmark
Søren Schaarup, Stein
"Wave fountain"
Granite, City of Ølgod, Denmark
Søren Schaarup
Granite, Lundbeck,Copenhagen, Denmark
Søren Schaarup, Stein
"Shell fountain"
"Shell fountain" Granite, Hospice Sjælland, Roskilde, Denmark
Søren Schaarup, Stein
"Cloudcatcher 1"
Granite, Private collection, Denmark
Søren Schaarup
"Light of Sea"
Granite, Foundation of Hornbæk Art Museum
Søren Schaarup
"Folding out"
Granite, Nordex Food, Nørager
Søren Schaarup
Søren Schaarup
"Passing through"
Granite, Community of Lyngby, Denmark
Søren Schaarup
"Cloudcatcher 2"
Granite, Private collection, Germany
Søren Schaarup
"Suncatcher 2"
Granite, Særslev, Denmark
Søren Schaarup
"Torso 1"
Granite, Private collection, Germany
Søren Schaarup
Granite, Water sculpture, Community of Roskilde, Denmark
Søren Schaarup
Granite, Denmark
Søren Schaarup
Granite, Halskov, Denmark
Søren Schaarup
"Torso 2"
Granite, Denmark
Søren Schaarup
Granite, Community of Holbæk, Denmark
Søren Schaarup

Søren Schaarup

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