Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum

The Pedvāle Open Air Art Museum was started in 1991 by Latvian sculptor Ojārs Feldbergs. Pedvāle conceptually integrates the natural landscapes, cultural heritage and art in a unified whole. The Museum organizes symposiums, exhibitions and workshops for artists of different creative areas. The requirement for participating artists is that they incorporate their works into the settings of the natural environment. Artists that work at Pedvāle draw their inspiration from nature and mainly use natural materials. The permanent collection of the Museum includes around 100 works of art that have been created during symposiums and workshops. It also includes an exhibition of the works by Ojars Feldbergs and temporary exhibits by local and foreign artists. The museum runs a small guest house and a restaurant “Dāre”. Also a function hall, picnic area and camping site is at guests disposal.

Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum

3294 Sabile

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