Hollufgård Artist Residence - Skulpturpark

Hollufgård Artist Residence is situated at the old manor Hollufgård in Odense, Southern Denmark. Our facilities are run independently i collaboration with the local artists association, and we receive support from the Municipality of Odense and the Region Syddanmark. We offer accommodation and working facilities in all artistic fields for Danish and foreign artists. All professional artist can apply for stay up to six months. We offer no funding. We also run Skulpturparken, a large exhibition space covering the old manor park as well as the adjacent protected forest of Glisholm. ArtParken is open to a variety of artistic media and styles. We welcome proposals for site specific projects. Hollufgård Artist Residence - Skulpturpark is part of AiR Fyn, a network of artist residencies on the Danish island of Funen. With Hollufgård as the main center and administrator we have created a network which, in addition to Hollufgård, consists of Assen Kunstråd (The Art Council of Assens, Tommerup Keramiske Værksted (The Tommerup Ceramic Workshop), Fyns Grafiske Værksted (The Funen Graphic Workshop), and the writers residency Gammel Have. Residents in the AiR Fyn programmes are offered a workshop space and accommodation at one or more of the addresses. From there, the resident has access to all workshop facilities of the entire network, and we are also able to accommodate other specific requests. We have bronze foundry, metal workshop, ceramics workshop, model workshop, wood, graphic workshop, painter's studios and a good writing environment for authors.

Hollufgård Artist Residence - Skulpturpark

Hollufgårds Allé 26
DK-5220 Odense SØ Tlf. -4565932313


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01. 12. 2018 - 01. 03. 2019

Assens Art Council would hereby like to invite professional working artists to apply for a month’s free residence within the theme of caring for the planet, ecology and sustainability. 

Assens Art Council has three sites with residency and atelier facilities at its disposal: See: www.air-assens.dk The residency is from Saturday 31st August 2019 until Sunday 29th September 2019.
A jury, consisting of the project manager, Jørgen Svenstrup, and three members of Assens Art Council, will review applications and select amongst the candidates. The jury will award priority to applicants who show particular interest in working with the following themes: the state of the planet, nature, ecology and sustainability. During the residency period, it is expected that you are willing to give two power-point talks in public for a fee of DKK 3000 (400 Euro). (The talks may be identical.) It is also expected that you are willing to communicate with the press. Furthermore, Assens Art Council has an ambition to create contacts between the Artist in Residence and local artists and art institutes and that you must therefore be open to an interested audience.
For further information about the conditions for the residency etc. please see the AiR-Assens website at www.air-assens.dk 
Send your application form to Assens Art Council, Att.: Katrine West by E-mail to: kulturogfritid@assens.dk.
Deadline for applications: 1st March 2019.
Estimated response date: 1st April 2019.
AiR-Assens - Artist-in-Residence 2019
05. 11. 2019 - 10. 01. 2020

Hollufgård Artist Residence - Skulpturpark will be conducting a residency program in April-June 2020 for two visual artists exploring the concept of sculpture. The residency program is carried out in collaboration with the Funen Academy of Art and is supported by The Danis Arts Foundation.

Applicants with an international career and teaching/lecturing experience will be given priority. The resident is expected to document the project with an exhibition and an artist talk as well as a lecture or workshop at the Funen Academy of Art on the subject of sculptural concepts. The completed project may be included in the sculpture park at Hollufgård.


Description of the residency program:

“Exploring the concept of sculpture” offers the opportunity to work profoundly around ideas and conceptions of sculpture in a self-selected project course of up to 3 months. The program is aimed at two professional, non-resident artists who can document significant exhibition experience as well as self-reliant craftmanship and professional experience in working with sculptural expression.


The program includes:

Free travel and free acommodation / workshop plus a monthly scholarship of DKK 5000. Grants for material expenses and coverage of expenses for activities related to the program. Support for the artist's professional development and the artist's work process during the stay. Contacts can be established to relevant networks within Danish contemporary art.


A large studio, a single room and shared facilities (kitchen, laundry, bath and living room)

Workshop facilities

Studio plus access to our shared workshop facilities: forge, foundry, carving area, mixed media workshop, gravure printing and screen printing.

Ceramic facilities can be made avilable at Tommerup Ceramic Workshop if required.

The sculpture park

Skulpturparken at Hollufgård, including manor park, protected forest, lakes and streams where the residents can test sculoptural concepts.

Introduction to the Danish art scene

At Hollufgård, residents will meet artists from all over the country as well as other foreign guests on a daily basis and become part of a strong social and professional community. The activities are planned in collaboration with the resident and adapted to his/her needs. The activities may consist of e.g., study trips, lectures, seminars, visits to exhibitions, meetings with local artists or contacts to professionals in the fields of contemporary art, culture, local politics, environment or research.

Mentoring and technical assistance

Mentoring is provided to the residents during the process. In addition, Hollufgård's workshop manager will be providing technical assistance.


The possibility of holding a 1 week open studio at the Funen Academy of Arts

The program is supervised by our advisory board, which will select the residents.


Advisory board:

Lars Bent Petersen, visual artist, principal at the Funen Academy of Arts

Eamon O'Kane, visual artist, professor at Bergen Academy of the Arts

Anna Krogh, art historian, MA, and curator

Ole Lejbach, visual artist, chairman of the board of Hollufgård Artist Residence - Skulpturpark

Charlotte Bonde, architect, general manager of Hollufgård Artist Residence - Skulpturpark


Technical assistance: Henning Petersen, workshop manager



The application must indlude:

  • An account of the applicant's professional knowledge and concept of sculpture
  • A brief account of the applicant's skills, knowledge and experience in sculptural work
  • Portfolio and resume with documented overview of the applicant’s international merits
  • Evidence of the applicant's educational qualifications and teaching experience


Send application to:

Charlotte Bonde, Ole Lejbach: mail@gah.dk

About us:

Hollufgård was founded in 1982 and is one of Denmark's largest artist residencies and artist workshops. Every year we receive residents from all over the world who enjoy the peace, quiet, nature and old manor culture of the place. Hollufgård is financed by the municipality of Odense, the Cultural Region of Funen and private foundations and it offers some of the country's most well-equipped facilities with bronze foundry, forge, mixed media workshop workshop, carving area, painter’s studios and graphic workshop.

Adjacent to the residence is Skulpturparken, a large exhibition area situated around an old manor. House dating from the Renaissance and consisting of a manor park and a forest area of outstanding diversity. Each year we invite Danish and foreign guest artists to create new, site-specific works for the area.

Exploring the concept of sculpture
Odense SØ
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