Gæsteatelier Hollufgård

Five kilometers south of Odense – on the Hollufgård estate – lies the largest center for sculpture and painting found in the Nordic countries, the Gæsteatelier Hollufgård. This unique Centre for art and sculpture was established to attract Danish and international artists by offering a ideal environment both for working and promoting a healthy exchange of ideas. The studios are run along the lines of a cooperative association. Members are mostly funish artists who elect a board of governors. In addition to providing working facilities for its members the association also organizes symposia and exhibitions.


The Centre makes accessible materials and techniques not always available in private workshops. There are five workshops: The Modelling- and Plaster studio, The Bronze Foundry, The Stone-carving Yard, The Forge and The Mixed Media studio, as well as studios for painters. They contain equipment such as kilns, compressor, welding apparatus and lifting gear. There is a “sculptor’s shop” which sells selected materials, mainly for bronze casting.


The Centre offers comfortable accomodation both for visiting artists and for members who wish to work here for a prolonged period. At the same time we hope that it will facilitate a deeper exchange between our guests and artists from Funen who work in the workshops. It comprises five bedrooms (four single and one double), a shared sitting room and common cooking, bathing and laundry (washing machine and dryer) facilities.


The Gæsteatelier sometimes invites artists to work at the Centre, but artists can also apply to come and use the facilities. To ensure that visitors feel welcome we establish a “contact group” for each of our visiting artists, and they are always invited to take part in any exhibition or events organized by the Centre during their stay. The maximum length of stay for a visiting artist at Hollufgård is six months.


The Gæsteatelier does not normally finance the journey or the stay of the visiting artists so there is a charge for using the
studios and accomodation. Studios: DKK 500 a month or part of a month. You will be charged from the day you arrive till the day you leave (both days included), regardless of whether you use the workshops throughout the period or not.
Accomodation: single room DKK 100/night or 500/week ; double room 200/night or 1.000/week.
Commission on sales: there is a commission of 10% on any work sold through the Centre – this applies to both members and visitors.


Experience has taught us that the following points must be clearly understood by anyone wishing to work at Hollufgård.The workshops are for professional artists who master the skills that go with the profession. The use of our facilities is based on the principle that each user must be able to manage alone. Therefore you cannot count on the Gæsteatelier to teach you technical skills, but there is always the possibility of learning new skills from a professional community of colleagues. While “heavy” equipment is available in the studios you need to bring with you any tools such as grinders, power drills and handtools together with consumables (drill bits, disks etc.). We will off course help you find where to purchase any materials and tools you may need. Insurance: you need to draw your own health and accident insurance. It should also be emphasized that our employees are there primarily to maintain machines and tools and ensure the smooth running of the Centre. They do not work as assistants to artists – neither in making work, cleaning up afterwards or running private errands – but this is not to say that they will not lend a helping hand now and then. In order to maintain the good working environment, we require of visiting artists and our members, to comply with our alcohol policy. This holds that any abuse of alcohol or drugs will result in immediate expulsion.


Artists who wish to work at Gæsteatelier Hollufgård must send in an application, which should contain the following
  • Details of your work as an artist up till now, which should include photographs of at least five works
  • Your thoughts as to what you want to achieve by working here
  • Which studio and facilities you would like to use
The application are submitted for approval to the committee of Gæsteatelier Hollufgård. The administration has no say in the selection of visiting artists. Please send your application to:
Gæsteatelier Hollufgård, Hestehaven 201, DK 5220 Odense SØ, or by email to mail@gah.dk


Bus no. 82 and 83 from Odense Central Station to Neder Holluf, where you also will find the nearest shop.
Taxies from the Central Station cost approx. DKK 150. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Charlotte Bonde
Mobil: 2281 6098

Gæsteatelier Hollufgård

Hestehaven 201
5220 Odense SØ Tlf. 6593 2313


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01. 12. 2018 - 01. 03. 2019

Assens Art Council would hereby like to invite professional working artists to apply for a month’s free residence within the theme of caring for the planet, ecology and sustainability. 

Assens Art Council has three sites with residency and atelier facilities at its disposal: See: www.air-assens.dk The residency is from Saturday 31st August 2019 until Sunday 29th September 2019.
A jury, consisting of the project manager, Jørgen Svenstrup, and three members of Assens Art Council, will review applications and select amongst the candidates. The jury will award priority to applicants who show particular interest in working with the following themes: the state of the planet, nature, ecology and sustainability. During the residency period, it is expected that you are willing to give two power-point talks in public for a fee of DKK 3000 (400 Euro). (The talks may be identical.) It is also expected that you are willing to communicate with the press. Furthermore, Assens Art Council has an ambition to create contacts between the Artist in Residence and local artists and art institutes and that you must therefore be open to an interested audience.
For further information about the conditions for the residency etc. please see the AiR-Assens website at www.air-assens.dk 
Send your application form to Assens Art Council, Att.: Katrine West by E-mail to: kulturogfritid@assens.dk.
Deadline for applications: 1st March 2019.
Estimated response date: 1st April 2019.
AiR-Assens - Artist-in-Residence 2019
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