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GLOBAL STONE WORKSHOP®... since 1996, is an cultural organization based in Sweden and in India, which organises sculpture workshops in European and Asian locations where a sculptor’s favorite stone is quarried.  The organisation operates in Sweden; in Italy; in Portugal,; in Spain; in Vietnam; in India. Global Stone Workshop® is open to sculptors, artists, photographers, ADs', designers, art teachers, architects... to all those who are professionally involved with images. Since inception GSW has organized over 200 workshops in 7 countries with hundreds of participants, mostly from Scandinavia and Europe. Our partners in different countries are commercial stone yards with their own craftsmen. PROGRAMME for the workshop season 2018-2019 ALL YEAR. Da Nang/ Vietnam, workshops in marble and granite DECEMBER 10 & 26, 2018, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India, workshops in stone, bronze and wood. JANUARI 14, 2019, FEBRUARI 4 and 25, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu,  India, workshops in stone, bronze and wood. In INDIA the workshop fee is 250USD/320USD for a 6 days long workshop. The fee includes a private room & bathroom in a guest house/hotel near the sea, lunch at the stone workshop, individual working spaces for stone and bronze, hand-, pneumatic- and power- tools, cutting & grinding discs, medium size blocks of the local stone, one week long course in wax modeling and bronze casting, wax & materials for bronze (with the exception of the metal and of the cost of the casting). SEPTEMBER 7. Italy, Carrara, workshop in marble carving SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER. Portugal, Centro Internacional De Escultura, Odrinhas, Sintra, workshops in marble and limestone


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