Perpetuum Mobile / Rethink Migration

Sprachen: English and Danish

Imagine! What if all kinds of migration were allowed worldwide?

Eight Danish scientists and debaters will share their ideas in this TEDx-like format which gives each speaker 10-15 minutes to present a vision for future migration.

These thought experiments were originally a part of my exhibition about migration “Perpetuum Mobile”, inspired by a quote from the Italian philosopher Umberto Eco. He wrote about migration:

“Violent or pacifist as it may be, it is like a natural phenomenon: it happens, and no one can control it."

From this quote rose the ultimate question: What if migration were legalized worldwide?

I have asked the scientists to go beyond the reality of daily life and actual politics and imagine what such a world could look like, and what could trigger such new departures.

The participants are carefully chosen from different scientific disciplines, in the hope that this clash of perspectives can expand the territory of the conversation.



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