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Ort: Madrid
Sprachen: English, Spanish

Museo Reina Sofía Radio

Is it possible to augment cultural output by disrupting the visual system? This it the idea behind RRS, the Museo Reina Sofía’s web radio. The conception of RRS starts from the museum as an institution that has avoided thinking about sound, the type of transmission that it implies and the sensation it produces. In this regard, the sounds that can be heard here do not only aspire to be an acoustic version of the museum experience, but are designed to become new continents that can broadcast the ideas of collection, exhibition and debate to new lands.

RRS is made up of four channels dedicated to the exhibitions, to the collection, to working on the internet and to sound exploration, all comprised of audio podcasts in different categories, each channel with a series of specific sound identities. ‘Inaudible’ is built around the obsolete, ‘Contexts’ around the archive, ‘Networks’ around phonetics and ‘Processes’ around digital error. The podcasts can be listened to directly, downloaded or subscribed to from this webpage.

The sounds heard in this space seek to render an acoustic version of the Museo, endeavouring to become new continents that are able to amplify the notions of Collection, Exhibition and Debate.

A presentation and expansion of temporary exhibitions and audiovisual programmes, including dialogue with curators and interviews with artists, along with radio essays on some of the salient projects that feature in the Museo’s programme of activities. Inaudible looks to place visual elements in multiple voices and agents in a space where speech joins other sound resources, much in the same way images join text in printed form, with both expanding verbal discourse.


Museo Reina Sofia


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