Martin Staniforth

Scension (grounded)

Woven willow with hazel and cherry


Abmessungen : 600 cm x 250 cm x 250 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 80 kg
Jahr : 2021
Material : Holz, Mixed Media, Naturstoffe, Installation

Martin Staniforth

I am fascinated by the natural process of renewal, the circle of life. Life follows death follows life, as sure as day follows night follows day. My creative practice focuses on emergence, regeneration and natural progression, drawing influences from nature and mankind’s experience of nature. My sculptures build a sense of hope.

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Scension 170_Maria
Life-sized figurative aluminium mesh with willow weaving and teased muslin
Martin Staniforth, Metall, Naturstoffe
Life-sized figurative sculpture showing exterior confidence and beauty while hinting at interior vulnerabilities
Martin Staniforth, Bronze
Bronze torso showing exterior strength while hinting at interior vulnerability
Martin Staniforth, Bronze
Figure peering over the edge
Martin Staniforth, Bronze
Hope & Renewal
Burnt 500-year-old timbers from Britain's oldest hotel
Martin Staniforth, Holz, Naturstoffe
Scension (dance)
Contemporary dance performance (1 of 7) in response to a soundscape composition as part of Scension sculpture installations
Martin Staniforth, Performance, Installation
Tree Of Hope
Laser-cut birch tree covered in 'leaves of hope' that were made in community workshops. The tree has been displayed, and added to, in Arts Centres, a Cathedral, a University and a major Hospital
Martin Staniforth, Holz, Mixed Media
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