"Ak.woba" is not based on any specific idea. They are just fragments from my subconscious.
"Ak.woba" seems to me like a mixture of machine, organism and system. Something that must have been in the water for a long time. Perhaps a kind of shell that uses a man-made object as a base, which is already overgrown with an organic layer. In the lower area, the decay has set in from the inside out.


Abmessungen : 28 cm x 22 cm x 11 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 1 kg
Jahr : 2021
Material : Holz, Mixed Media, Kunststoff, Textil, Ton, Beton, Sonstige
Bearbeitung : 3D-Print
Stil : abstrakt

auch interessant:

Akina Banwara Black
Akina Banwara is a three-part 3d print. After printing, the sculpture was filled with concrete. The surface structure was created with filler and then painted with acrylic paint.
Weibach2, Kunststoff, Beton
Banta 2.0
Banta 2.0 – An abstract 3d printed sculpture by Weibach2. It is made of PLA and partially filled with concrete. The front attachment is covered with fabric. The sculpture is colored with several layers of acrylic paint. Banta 2.0 is a unique piece of mixed media art.
Weibach2, Mixed Media, Kunststoff
Dead Dream
"Dead Dream" are excerpts from a life journey. The start of life, the discovery of desires and longings. In this case, the dream of sailing the seas of this world. But everyday life is harsh and the after-work exhaustion makes the dream slowly rot. Passive in front of the telly fits better. Maybe tomorrow or next week. Or later, when I retire. A seemingly chaotic framework of life, which clearly strives upwards, along the vertical scale, in order to finally reach a certain minimum standard (horizontal line).
Weibach2, Holz, Metall
"Cling" is the representation of a relationship and its end. Fragments of actions, hopes and events. A rotten bridge, a broken connection. Perhaps the relationship with other people or common interests. Attached on one side, a facade. Maintaining the beautiful appearance. Constructed order, cleanliness, radiance, an ideal world. A line runs through this facade. A principle, an orientation, a norm? Come what may, hold on to her. The opening with the bare pipes is the still recent point of separation of the exiting partner. The reflective sphere, the ego of the abandoned.
Weibach2, Metall, Mixed Media
How beautiful you WAR!
Weibach2, Metall, Mixed Media
Banta 1.1
Banta 1.1, something between sculpture and machine. It seems to me a bit like an old machine building whose walls have been scrawled all over. The ventilation slots could suggest a technical inner life. What fascinates me about it is that it looks old, but at the same seems as if it could be made viable again. One might be able to find out what the function of this device is. The hole in the surface developed because the original version Banta 1.0 was exposed to the sun for a long time on one side. An unanticipated development that I was happy to accept. The sculpture had become deformed at that spot and I later removed the part. Only then did I paint on the abstract drawings.
Weibach2, Mixed Media, Beton
Red Cube Regeneration
A red cube, a variable, a transformation. Created by humans, created between humans. Meaningful. An important function. A red cube, above, over everything. Free? This red cube could be anything. The love of a person, the money in the account, the new car. We all have our cubes and we love them. But no cube without a base.. The base, it appears to be assaulted, decomposed. Decomposed? Isn’t decomposition the very basis for something new?
Weibach2, Holz, Metall
On level 1: Some sort of growth on some planet. Or the sister of Kermit in an orange evening dress. A strong-willed diva. The great Mi.lante. On level 2, I then learned that this meganism* was developed by an AI. It was supposed to be used to neutralize carbon dioxide, but Mi.lante decided on a career as a singer. Ouch! * Mixture of mechanism and organism
Weibach2, Metall, Kunststoff
Inhabited moon with blue fog (level 1). It could also be a faulty cloned snail with an air-cooled ball booster (level 2), which sings a mezzo-soprano C every two years for at least 3 weeks until it is completely blue. “Blue is a typically celestial color that summons man into the infinite.” Wassily Kandinsky. For him, blue seemed round, deep and dark.
Weibach2, Metall, Kunststoff
Soul-bowel movement disrupted The linguistic outlet to prevent worse things from happening. Swearing liberates the soul. Restrained ranting and swearing builds up as anger over the long term. Swearing and complaining are as important for our health as crying and laughing.
Weibach2, Metall, Kunststoff
Lori – Oil Absorbing Fish
I still haven’t understood exactly how this meganism* works. The only thing that is certain is that this fish is encouraged by implemented control and measuring mechanisms to absorb oil and convert it into small, highly compressed balls. These then float on the surface of the water and can be easily fished off. * Mix of mechanism and organism
Weibach2, Mixed Media, Metall
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