Cristian Diez Sanchez

Pas de deux Nº 1

The Series "Les Danseurs" comes from the idea that actually after the pandemic people need to alliberate the mind and reax the body exercising. The concept of the dance is to comunicate and share while alliberating tensions and dramas brought by the pandemic.
Music and dancing can act as therapy for releasing tensions


Abmessungen : 31 cm x 26 cm x 14.5 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 0.3 kg
Jahr : 2021
Material : Naturstoffe, Sonstige, Papier
Bearbeitung : abgetragen
Stil : modern, figurativ, zeitgenössisch, poetisch

Cristian Diez Sanchez

Sculpture, the way of expression for living

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Exercise 1
After the year of pandemic where everybody was quite recluded in there homes I saw the need to express that even with restrictions we had to look forwar an think on the future with energy and even the pandemic being with us we needed to feel free. The feeling of exercising ment this effort to make a stronger body and a clearer mind; to be healthy and prepared for new challanges, thinking always that one can achieve them. Aftra a wor related directed to the Covid this new work ment the change of state of mind needed.
Cristian Diez Sanchez, Naturstoffe, Sonstige
Pas de deux Nº 2
from a new series from this year "Les Danseurs" that is paralell to the series of Exercise 1, that comes of the thinking that dancing alliberates the mind and helps and heels the body. necessary after this year and a hald of confinement, even is not allowed in big groups, the idea of dancing comes on a way of alliberating the the tensions produced by the pandemic
Cristian Diez Sanchez, Naturstoffe
The feeling of being alone even being together is a constant on my work. the two figures are the same and together slightly separate and slightly delayed expressing the solitude that can exist sharing a same existance. They are together no doubt but not really related, looking to the front in different moments expressing the diificulties of really sharing the future together
Cristian Diez Sanchez, Holz, Holz
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