Juliane Brandt


Two enlarged burned matchsticks that show new life when looked at closer.


Abmessungen : 187 cm x 10 cm x 100 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 40 kg
Jahr : 2021
Material : Holz, Ton, Keramik, Naturstoffe
Stil : modern, abstrakt

Juliane Brandt

The art of understanding yourself as an artist.

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Speaker's Corner
Inspired by Speaker's Corner in London where often heated discussions are exchanged between individuals from different backgrounds. The matchsticks are physically burned and mounted on a metal plate on a wooden block.
Juliane Brandt, Naturstoffe, Keramik
Minimalistic scene showing the curiosity, patience and respect when meeting another. The careful look of the squirrel inspired me to create an expression of trust and sharing.
Juliane Brandt, Holz, Ton
Goldene Zeiten
Zwei Damen errinnern sich entspannt an die guten alten Zeiten.
Juliane Brandt, Holz, Keramik
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