Robert Koenig

Bilston Totems

15 sweet chestnut trees up to 6 metres tall commemorating the steel industry in the town of Bilston in England. Handcarved.


Abmessungen : 600 cm x 400 cm x 700 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 1500 kg
Jahr : 1997
Material : Holz, Installation, Naturstoffe
Bearbeitung : abgetragen
Stil : figurativ, monumental

Robert Koenig

I am British born sculptor specialising in wood sculpture

auch interessant:

46 carved wood figures , each 2.5 m tall. A travelling installation around Europe.
Robert Koenig, Holz, Mixed Media
Memorial Structure
Wood construction.
Robert Koenig, Installation, Holz
Handcarved wood
Robert Koenig, Holz
Handcarved elm wood
Robert Koenig, Holz
Hand carved head of a horse in yew wood.
Robert Koenig, Holz
Ancient head.
A head made with wood pieces from a 3000 year old piece of black bog oak wood. The top is gold leaf.
Robert Koenig, Holz
Man in green shirt
Hand carved in oak, polychromed.
Robert Koenig, Holz
After the uprising
Commission for Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex. England. Hand carved elm wood.
Robert Koenig, Installation, Holz
Carved oak
Robert Koenig, Holz
32 carved and polychromed figures, each 2.5 m tall. Exhibited in Salisbury Cathedral, England.
Robert Koenig, Holz, Installation
group of handcarved wood figures
Robert Koenig, Holz, Installation
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