Richard Paton

Brain Melt (the wave function collapse)

According to quantum physics a particle exists as a wave throughout the universe but when it is observed and enters our consciousness it becomes a measurable particle, with the aid of scientific instruments, this is known as ‘wave function collapse’. A wave is converted by our mind from a probability to something with structure and locality. Therefore consciousness plays a fundamental part in the structure of the universe, it implies that the universe can only exist, or come into being, if it is observed. This kinetic sculpture is less an illustration but more a meditation on the fact. To see it working goto:


Abmessungen : 50 cm x 30 cm x 90 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 7 kg
Jahr : 2020
Material : Bronze, Metall, Mixed Media, Sound, Stahl
Bearbeitung : Abformung
Stil : kinetisch, zeitgenössisch, poetisch

Richard Paton

Invisible forces: they push us, they pull us, some we know about, most go unnoticed. As we make our best attempts to steer a steady course through life we are frequently buffeted by forces beyond our control. Time goes forwards, backwards, sometimes it stops still, perhaps it doesn’t even exist, light sheds light when we aren’t in the dark. Cosmic radiation streams through the empty space of our bodies, the earth’s magnetic field does it’s best to defend us from the sun’s blast. Incremental gaseous imbalances threaten the future of our ephemeral consciousness. The imperceptible spin of the earth hangs onto itself by gravity, it will exist long after our brief glimpse of it. As pressure from above makes the wind blow to the edges of a compass, I do my best to navigate the flux. I breath, I think, I make.

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Dead Reckoning
A reference to an historical navigation method. Starting from a place of certainty by calculating a previously determined position and then advancing that position with the use of instruments and analysis. The process of dead reckoning allows the navigator to know where they are in a featureless ocean. However, sometimes ships are knocked off course by un-foreseen natural events and are lost. See:
Richard Paton, Metall, Stahl
The Tempest Prognosticator
Using a lodestone compass this work explores the phenomenon of electromagnetism making reference to recent scientific discoveries in geo-magnetism and magneto-reception. Its premise hinges on the fact that animals are connected to the earth in a fundamental way that humans are not. Recent science has revealed that animals have a sense that allows them to detect the earth’s magnetic field whereas humans do not possess this ability. The human species has literally lost its sense of direction. This is therefore the grand metaphor of the work – we have lost our sense of direction. Using a powerful magnet and series of compasses, a distorted anthropocentic power relationship is established to amplify humanity’s dominance over the natural world and our inherent shame. The invisibility of this power, the magnetic field, stands to remind us of the fact that we don’t see the enormity of the damage being done. What many are now calling the sixth great extinction. The work has layered content but at its heart is climate change, species extinction and humanity’s culpability in this process. Named after The Tempest Prognosticator by George Merryweather in 1851 this work is about the silence before the storm, the increasing rapidity of species extinction, in all habitats across the earth. See this working :
Richard Paton, Holz, Bronze
Going Cuckoo
this is a working cuckoo clock which chimes on the hour, it is powered electrically with an internal digital clock. Like all creatures of the earth the Common Cuckoo population is in decline due to the use of insecticides and habitat loss. In the period of coronavirus and lockdown brought about by yet another zoonotic disease, ‘Going Cuckoo’ seems to parallel the dystopia, as an imagined nostalgia of life lost. You can this working :
Richard Paton, Holz, Bronze
Lark Descending
Human presence triggers a motion sensor which starts the song of the Skylark and the physical decent of the iron replica suspended, mid air, by a magnet until the song fades giving way to the rev of a tractor. The graph on the rusty back board shows the decline in Skylark numbers in the UK since 1967. Wild life is in drastic decline and heading toward extinction. In the case of the Skylark it is down to habitat loss due to more intensive farming practises in the UK. You can see this working :
Richard Paton, Metall, Mixed Media
Whilst making this I was thinking of the usual cliches around the circularity and symbolism of money and the grip this force has on our lives. The poverty trap and its debilitating influence. I’m also thinking of the Crown of Thorns and the symbolism of that historical torture held in place by 12 spokes. It was serendipitous that the lowest coin denominations are magnetic and form the crown. Each coin also wears a crown reinforcing the power of monarchy and privilege. A wooden ‘cart’ wheel is pegged together in traditional fashion into the rim to replace the rubber tyre.
Richard Paton, Holz, Mixed Media
The Arc of the Sun
Petrified animals, all screwed, motionless in a ceremonial boat, a lodestone and a compass orient the sundial within and the course is set.
Richard Paton, Holz, Mixed Media
An iron balloon is held mid air by the strength of the magnetic field above fixed to the frame. In the base there are 2 motors, one to spin the balloon the other to make the whole base jolt when it slowly lifts and falls making the balloon jolt and almost fall. You can see it working here:
Richard Paton, Metall, Holz
Fruitfly Meditation on Banana Levitation
“time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana”, Groucho Marx Fruit Flies (Drosophila melanogaster) share 60% of DNA with humans, they are cheap and easy to keep in a lab, have a fast reproduction rate and as a result are often used in scientific research. Six Nobel prizes have been awarded due to groundbreaking research using fruit flies which have helped find treatments for Down’s, Alzheimer’s, autism, diabetes and cancers of all types. “It’s almost as if they were designed to help scientists,” says geneticist Steve Jones. Six Nobel prizes in physiology or medicine’ to 10 scientists for their work based on fruit fly research: 1933 Thomas Hunt Morgan used drosophila to uncover the role played by chromosomes in heredity 1946 Hermann Joseph Muller used X-ray irradiation to increase mutation rates in fruit flies 1995 Edward B Lewis, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, and Eric F Wieschaus used drosophila to understand genetic control of embryonic development 2004 Richard Axel concentrated on odour receptors and the organisation of the olfactory system 2011 Jules A Hoffmann was given the award for his research on the activation of innate immunity 2017 Jeffrey C Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W Young won the prize for uncovering the molecular mechanisms that control circadian rhythms Am not I A fly like thee? Or art not thou A man like me? from The Fly, William Blake
Richard Paton, Holz, Bronze
Gravity Begins At Home
This kinetic sculpture is a continuing exploration of the relationships humans have with other animals and our shared connection to the earth for survival. Most of the earth’s animals that have been tested by scientists have demonstrated an ability to sense the earth’s magnetic field. This sense is called magneto-reception and they have used this sense to orientate and navigate the air, sea and land for thousands of years. We humans on the other hand have demonstrated, in extensive laboratory-controlled tests, that we don’t have this sense of the earth’s magnetic field. We have literally lost our sense of direction because our internal compass doesn’t work. ‘Gravity Begins At Home’, shows just a few of the thousands of animals that are on the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) ‘Red-List’, these are animals in decline and face being wiped out in the near future. The discs are made from anodised aluminium with a printed ‘compass rose’ forming the background to the silhouetted animals. The Globe you see is actually floating, it is being pulled up by a powerful magnet that is screwed to the steel frame and is held to the ground by a wire and heavy weight at the bottom. There is a 2cm gap between the top of the globe and the magnet above. It is an invisible magnetic field which bears the weight of globe structure, made from aluminium (which isn’t magnetic) and a plate of steel at the north pole which provides the pull towards the magnet. Internal to the globe are sheets of brass acting as sails, as the wind blows the globe is turned in space. The wire attached to the base plate hides a tapered bearing that allows the globe to turn without too much friction despite the heavy weight it is counter balancing. The overriding metaphor of an invisible magnetic field is one which attempts to visualise humanity’s disconnection with the earth and its ancient cycles, it says that we, as a species, have metaphorically as well as literally lost our sense of direction. (
Richard Paton, Metall, Mixed Media
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