Abdur Rahman

5th Limbs

The best way to live your life don't need to copy someone else. We should walk our own way . Because copying someone means just following other people's journey .

This 5th limbs artwork represents our personality


Abmessungen : 8 cm x 6 cm x 12 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 0.25 kg
Jahr : 2020
Material : Sonstige

Abdur Rahman

Add your statement here By passing of time some isolated incidents and events have depressed me from the inside, and this is the subject of my art work. I have selected worn-out wall to express my feelings. The different circumstances and situations break our relationships and it creates an averse response in mind. My interest about Nature ,human physiological term, contemporary world wide topic base concept. From my childhood I was too much close with nature that inspire me to save it . I have art work like Co2, Beloved nature, Missing this type of concept to save the nature . At present artist Banksy art work inspire me a lot that’s why I have mad the series of my work `` 5th and 6th limbs`` as my style . In my graduation I love to follow Pablo Picasso art form I have some art series like ``Felling of Feminist`` as Cubic from . I want to involve with development and research from my past time. In my composition family nature always touch me to find myself .My art work ``father and child `` explain that type of matter. I grew up in river side area . The river side life style also create the subjective value of my drawing . The river side and the breaking of relationship for this distribution of agricultural land. I also made an installation about my art work name ``Hamlet family.`` In Bangladesh there have a lack of women right so I try to do this type of work also, There are a common relation of all my art work and a simple express language on my work. Term play a important role to express feeling. To primitive period people communicate with nature. Among all the communication systems term is one of best way. But at the present time powerful people are govern icing whole world. I am going to express how to term determine to people to do its slavery. Sculpture is my Major Subject . Apart from this medium, expression , balance , materials make my sculpture more aesthetical . I have been studying the type of medium of contemporary art, like land art, side especial art, installation art, Public art and Performance art. I am very much inspired by the poetry of Kazi Nazrul islam Jibanananda Das of Bangladesh. For that, he has been traveling for thousands of years, which is important to our civilian. Now I am working on the physiological term of human nature. Now I am working as multidisciplinary art method.  

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Feeling of Feminist
This is the series about Bangladeshi women. They appear in the modern world as a feminist. But it is a matter of sorrow they are not treated that much well besides men. There have different definition about feminist. In the society of Bangladesh they are tortured mentally. For example my first work is just a cubic abstract form where women connect with two men. I show how early marriage just happened in Bangladesh. Early marriage means they don’t need to study much or get a job after marriage. Because this type of ritual is followed by people all around now. At the second part of this work parents fill up their women basic needs but they have no right to go as they want. At the same time, after marriage their husband and family do everything for them. If they have love or any choice of male, their family will not want to go with that male. Because what their parents choose is good for them because of the security of the future. So , all the support for women and feel what they want to do is the motto of this work.
Abdur Rahman, Stein
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