Bert Poot

Bestial bestiary

A series of showcases in which The balance is explored on what is considered decent and proper.


Abmessungen : 120 cm x 23 cm x 255 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 50 kg
Jahr : 2017
Material : Mixed Media
Bearbeitung : Abformung
Stil : modern, figurativ, politisch, surreal

Bert Poot

The fascination for organic structures and forms is dominant in my work. The materials I use are very diverse. My method of work is mostly technical and traditional. Above that I do like to explore the mechanical limits of the material. A few simple sketches are the start of a laborious working process which is partly dictated by characteristics of the used materials. This results in Sculpture of a vegetable, animal or even hybrid character in which, though not always obvious, the internal and external forces that work on the image add a visual component.

auch interessant:

DNA 2.0 or image of god
Laminated and carved oakwood mounted on a concrete frame
Bert Poot, Holz, Beton
Reconstruction 2
Laminated and carved oak. Recycled wood is being used to create a new plantlike form
Bert Poot, Holz
A strange family. The relationschip is somewhat undefined but they seem happpy enough.
Bert Poot, Beton, Sonstige
Reconstruction 1
Laminated and carved teak. Recycled wood is being used to recreate a tree-like form
Bert Poot, Holz
Caged Amphibian
A hybrid creature. Humanoid and amphibian up for show as rarity.
Bert Poot, Holz, Stahl
A small steel abstraction of a female figure
Bert Poot, Stahl
Winged form on a conrete pillar
Bert Poot, Holz, Beton
Recumbent nude
A steel spine on a marble cushion
Bert Poot, Stahl, Marmor
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