Michelle Gallagher

Kijkdoos - looking box

An ordinary box with a fantastic imagined oceanic world inside.


Abmessungen : 13 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 2 kg
Jahr : 2018
Material : Keramik, Keramik, Ton
Bearbeitung : Keramik
Stil : surreal, zeitgenössisch

Michelle Gallagher

My artwork is frequently influenced by the natural world. The organic forms I see in nature, insects, seed pods, rock pools, are sources I find myself returning to time and again.
I am an intermedia artist but often I am drawn to stoneware clay as a medium. I love the possibility clay gives me in creating structures, textures and forms. Clay itself has its own force that pushes it’s way into the work..finding the balance between the clay and my intention for the work is a rewarding challenge.
I have lived and worked in a wide number of cultures from Africa to Asia, now in Europe again.

These cultures and the challenges from these cultures have helped form the ideas and influence the way I convey my story through my artwork. Collecting information through photographs, sketches, flowers, insects..a gatherer of dreams, thoughts and ideas. Working through my gatherings and creating artwork from my ideas is a passion.

auch interessant:

Spring Awakening
The daughter of the goddess of the Spring returns and rejuvenates the world. The white butterflies are the innocence of nature we need to protect. Nature is our survival.
Michelle Gallagher, Keramik, Holz
I’m no cupcake!
Look beyond the surface and what do you see. Don’t judge by first impressions.
Michelle Gallagher, Keramik, Ton
Female flower
Flower or another type of ‘ flower’
Michelle Gallagher, Keramik
Frangipani wall art
Michelle Gallagher, Keramik
Coral Orb
Biomorphic form inspired by the oceans coral reefs.
Michelle Gallagher, Keramik
Blue Moon
Nature, and it’s wonderful forms and shapes are again my inspiration.
Michelle Gallagher, Ton, Ton
Daisy bomb
A ceramic daisy flower bomb..inspired by the flower bomb that you can plant in your garden or throw into a vacant or derelict plot...and see nature take over and win.
Michelle Gallagher, Keramik, Keramik
3 sisters
Nature, sea life the beauty of rock pools
Michelle Gallagher, Keramik, Glas
2 headed gargoyle
The gargoyle classically kept evil away.
Michelle Gallagher, Stein, Metall
Gargoyle protection, keeping evil away.
Michelle Gallagher, Keramik, Glas
Which personality are you?
Our public and private faces and personalities. What do we show and what do we hide. The empty compartment is for the viewer to decide what face/ personality would they choose? Irish playwright Brian Friel wrote “ Philadelphia here I come” one of the characters has two actors playing his public and private thoughts.This idea of our public and private personality was a trigger for this artwork.
Michelle Gallagher, Holz, Keramik
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