Sigita Dackeviciute

Collision between Nature and Civilization II

Reflecting on the life of the Silver Fox


Abmessungen : 200 cm x 40 cm x 350 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 30 kg
Jahr : 2017
Material : Mixed Media

Sigita Dackeviciute

Most often my sculpture starts from formal tasks, from a desire to find a solution for certain combinations of forms. Playing with form and rational construction is my artistic language. Some ideas acquire shapes immediately, while others have to wait for loger time. The chosen material – bronze is most probably the one least dictating plastic solutions, therefore it allows the artist freely create according to his vision.

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"The Calves in me dream about the Canola fields". Fragment of Installation "Collision of Nature and Civilization
Sigita Dackeviciute
Silver Fox. Fragment of Installation "Collision of Nature and Civilization II"
Sigita Dackeviciute
Installation "Hierarchy"
Sigita Dackeviciute, Installation, Mixed Media
Installation "Hierarchy"
Sigita Dackeviciute, Mixed Media, Installation
Collision between Nature and Civilization
Installation based on the reflection of the relationships between Human, new technologies and Nature.
Sigita Dackeviciute, Naturstoffe, Installation
Inner feeling of intensity, installation
Sigita Dackeviciute, Mixed Media
The Light of the Screen
From the series reflecting the Virtual world
Sigita Dackeviciute, Installation
Fragment of the Installation
Sigita Dackeviciute, Bronze
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