Aurelia van der Burght

An altar for an ordinary animal

Beeldenroute Landart Diessen

An altar for an ordinary animal
An altar for an ordinary animal manages to establish a connection between the church village of Diessen and the area where Landart Diessen takes place. In addition, visual artist Aurelia van der Burght brings an ode to the hare with this sculpture. This creature is equipped with special qualities. Fast, smart, alert, funny, symbolizes fertility, cyclic rebirth and magical power.
There is, however, a duplicity in what is observed. The holy water containers change effortlessly into dipping sauces. The hare has been placed in the corner by many, we would like to eat in pieces during a festive meal.

Aurelia van der Burght,
Diessen 2008


Abmessungen : 320 cm x 220 cm x 65 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Gewicht : 100 kg
Jahr : 2008
Material : Holz, Keramik, Installation, Naturstoffe, Sonstige

Aurelia van der Burght

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Even the trees are crying
The installation EVEN THE TREES ARE CRYING by Aurelia van der Burght, initially created out of glass, ceramic elements and steel wire, has emerged following the disastrous world in which we live in, and from which we can’t leave. We are responsible and inevitable part of the catastrophic events that will occur. A process that is brought to an end very slowly, almost without notice, like an incendiary tumor. Aurelia invited Hanne Schillemans – dancer, choreographer – to create a new theatrical reality in her own unique way by blending music and image with her movements. The music is composed by Ralph Timmermans, and he’s been inspired by the installation of Aurelia and the movements of Hanne. The performance of his music is done by musician Rob Cornelissen.
Aurelia van der Burght, Glas, Keramik
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Aurelia van der Burght realized murals in the rooms of De Kunstpraktijk during a work period of two months. The 'murals' are an ode to the beauty and transparency of glass beads that Aurelia makes herself. But also refer to topics such as pollution, hatred / aggression and evil in the world. In the bed & breakfast guestroom ground floor studies on large paper in blue and pink.
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Winning design, Aurelia van der Burght during art-project 'In the tram-track' Realisation in 2002 In 1997, the Bladel Culture Fund issued a competition with an assignment on the theme 'in the tram'. The design - a 3D design or an intervention in the landscape - serves as a reminder of the legendary tram connection that was opened 100 years ago in the Kempen. The tram line connected Eindhoven with Turnhout (Belgium). The competition has resulted in a project with a duration of five years. Seventy-five artists participated in the competition, with designs submitted anonymously. It is intended that in the five project years designs from five different artists will be realized. From the assignment The reflection on the past should not result in nostalgia, but with scenic and visual interesting interventions in contemporary expression must show a vision of the symbolic meaning of that connection for that region. The images should stimulate the curiosity of the passer-by and, if he / she sees several images along the route, he will discover the theamtic relationship themselves. A brochure has been published with information, an exhibition has been set up, various activities have been undertaken by local initiatives and photos and billboards have been placed along the route at various locations. It is desirable for participants in the competition to include this information in their design.
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no title
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installation by Aurelia van der Burght
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Aurelia van der Burght, Papier, Textil
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