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Sculpt the world with us – You are cordially invited to start'18, the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture.

Artist’s talk and sculpture exhibition

The historic home of Hamlet is the venue for the sculpture event on January 28 2018.

The bronze sculptors Malene Bjelke and Helle Rask Crawford welcome you to the grounds of Kronborg Castle. The castle, which dates back to the 15th century is the home of Shakespear’s Hamlet. Many sculptures from the past surround the grounds and are part of the castle.

The two sculptors will give an artist’s talk and an introduction to the process of cire perdue bronze casting. The artists will also show some of their newest bronze sculptures in the classical and magical realistic traditions.

Kronborg Castle, the setting for Shakespear's Hamlet is an awe-inspiring place. Centuries of history meet the visitor, who ventures past the moat. Recently artists have moved in to the old buildings and add a modern day cultural twist to the old castle.

28.01.2018, 11:00 Uhr   bis   23:59 Uhr
Kronborg Castle
Kronborg 17
3000 Elsinore
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Website http://helleraskcrawford.dk http://www.malenebjelke.dk
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