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Sculpt the world with us – You are cordially invited to start'18, the International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture.

Mithogenia event at “Museu do Marmore” from Vila Viçosa – Alentejo – Portugal
“Centro de Apoio à Escultura”

Theme: Sculpture&Architecture


09H00 to 10H15 – Open to whole population, during 28 January2018, at Sulstones -
Bencatel and see the sculptor Aníbal Ferreira in the execution of a work and
guided visit to a Marbosera pink marble quarry
10H20 – Museu do Mármore de Vila Viçosa – concentration.
10H30 – celebration START18 on-line (leave the Mármore Museum).
11H30 – Visite his first work from the Town Player Arqº Nuno Portas at Vila Viçosa
Arqº Town Player Nuno Portas is born at Vila Viçosa and is one of the most
important Sec. XX/XXI Architect from Portugal.
13H00 – Brunch time at Monte Paraíso.
14H30 - Construction of sculptural figures in marble dust by the artists Ana Cravo and
Quique Esteban Jiménez and the portuguese sculptor Aníbal Ferreira (activitie
open to whole population)

Brunch fee €10 pay at local

At “Museu do Marmore” from Vila Viçosa – Alentejo – Portugal, we will celebrate the Contemporary Sculpture with the opening of our Centro de Apoio à Escultura, near Vila Viçosa. We will host a 5 days Simposyum on the theme Sculpture & Architecture and will initiate an art project.
Vila Viçosa is a village with all kind of marble (pink, white....) and it is the most important of the regional industry and their economy support. At this Centro de Apoio à Escultura we can receive world sculptores which want to come and work here. All are welcome, anytime!

28.01.2018, 09:00 Uhr   bis   23:59 Uhr
Inatel Évora
Rua Serpa Pinto
7000-537 Évora
Zusatzinfos start
Website http://mithogenia.wordpress.com
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