I bless the day that I was introduced to a humble piece of clay.

Hello and thank you for consulting my page.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hervey. Before you wonder about my name let me explain. My parents were expecting a boy! They changed one letter. In France, where I live most of the time, my name is pronounced Ervay, hence the signature on my work are the initials RV.

Sculpture to me is a therapy. I cannot waft on about existential philosophies and the like. I just love creating beautiful objects with my hands (and soul). It's an amazing adventure .

The famous French philosopher, Andr├ę Gide, once said that art is a collaboration between God and the artist.....and the least the artist has to do with it, the better. Need I say more?

When I am in my studio I am in a different world. Soft music plays, sometimes classical and sometimes a favourite singer, all depends on the piece that is evolving on my work bench. Sometimes the style of the music no longer fits the piece being born. My work is never pre-meditated. I rarely know where this adventure will lead....all I do is follow. It is not really 'me' who is creator.

I truly bless the day I was introduced to a humble piece of clay.

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